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Running Behind Again...

I was supposed to spend yesterday cleaning my house. I did...but I also spent more than four hours just writing my next chapter. OK, I was bad. I did errands in the morning that needed to be done and I got my three loads of laundry complete, changed the sheets on the bed and I did some minor touch-up in the bathroom that I wanted to do. But I had really wanted to tackle the den and that didn't happen. I have two cleaning days left until Sharon arrives next week, and it doesn't look good.
DH has a pre-season football game on Saturday night. I was planning to go to the State Fair with him for dinner and roaming. I'll have to see what happens. I pre-purchased the tickets, but there usually isn't a problem re-selling them outside the gates, it's just one more thing that I'll have to do next week unless DH changes his mind.
And my cousin sent photos of her daughter's wedding. I was originally planning to go to the wedding, but reality hit my bank balance and I knew it would be too much money, so I stayed behind and did Irish Faire instead. It was all good. So now her daughter, a 100% California girl, is living in Nebraska. Quite a change. It looks like it was a lovely wedding though.
Don't worry, you'll do everything in time (cleaning) and it will be just fine. Don't ever feel guilty because of writing! :)
I had been really fighting with a chapter and a particular event and things just seemed to come together, so I had to run with it. The bathroom can be a little dirtier, and I still have two days to clean before my friend arrives for a visit. But, I wish I had a bit more time....LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
My niece did look lovely, didn't she? I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be there, but things just didn't work out.

As for the tickets, they are a 25% savings off gate price, so I'm sure I'll be able to sell them without too much problem.

- Erulisse (one L)