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Auto Issues

 I wish we lived in a place with good public transportation.  That was one of the things that I dearly loved about London, with the tube and busses, it was easy to get almost anywhere. 

But here, although I live 10 minutes from work if I drive it, if I took public transport it would take anywhere from 1-2 hours for me to get to my shop.  Ridiculous.  So when we have auto issues, things aren't good. 
My Cruiser is a bit more tricked out with chrome
but the color is right.  I love my Cruiser. 

I had started my year by getting tires ($300+) then came the big repair - my brakes and suspension.  They did a terrific job, but the cost...I'll be paying this one down for a long time ($2000+).  Now, I had my regular chiropracter appointment yesterday morning (every two weeks Dr Pat helps me feel younger - great guy!) and when I started my car again, I had the "check engine" light on.  This spooked me.  I've never had one of these come on for me before.  Like an idiot I took Grape to the dealer.  They fixed it, but it really should have been at least $100 less than the $350 it cost me this time.  Jeez, if I didn't love my car so much...
My DH drives a Saturn like this, my mother's car that I inherited when she died.  DH has
never owned a new car in his life - sad :-( 
But, while my car was being worked on, I had to share my DH's car.  That meant I dropped him back off, went to the shop and did a little bit of work, then drove back home to pick him up, then went back to work.  His car, my mother's old Saturn, is starting to have transmission problems.  If/when that goes, it will be another multi-thousand dollar bill.  So we're walking carefully around his car, and still looking for a new truck.   

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