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The Beginning of the End

 Renaissance Faire starts today. That means that we're into the final days of summer and beginning days of fall.

It's hard to resist a beautiful sunrise like this...
 OK, it's going to be a beautiful weekend, 84F and sunny, so no signs of how cold it will be for closing weekend on October 2nd yet, but the beginning of Fest is always the final bell for the summer. Labor Day will be here soon, along with my BFF Sharon for her annual State Fair and Ren Fest vacation. I'm already all happy, happy about seeing her again.

We always have at least one meal at Red Lobster. Seafood....yummy!
 And it's been such a year! I know she reads my blog and that we'll have so much to tell each other. Tonight I'll take out my Ren clothing, figure out what I want to wear tomorrow, make sure that I have everything I need at hand so that I can sleep as long as possible, and look forward to seven Sundays of the music of madrigals and bagpipes, corsets and long skirts (even though I wear long skirts every day anyway), and drinks of mead.

One of the nicer rides for kids is the giant hobbyhorse - human powered, of course.

 I'm poor this year, so my budget will be strict. And the cast of characters has changed, many contracts were not renewed. But I know I'll have a great time being in the outdoors one day a week, sitting under oak trees dropping thier acorns on all of us, and finding where the best food deals are this year. Call me happy today :-) 

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I love it, and even though it is a time commitment, it is one that I look forward to every year.

- Erulisse (one L)
Maybe this is the beginning of the end, but right here in Croatia, this beginning of the end is *really* hot. Summer is just not ready to give up yet.

Enjoy the Ren-faire! :)
We'll have our hot days, but by the end of the Ren Season on October 2nd, I'll be wearing my cloak, probably several skirts, and it might even be snowing a little bit.

- Erulisse (one L)
It's too early for the snow to stick, but not too early to get light flurries on a cold damp day. Usually though we have fantastic autumns with glorious colors, cool, crisp days, and cold nights with no real snow until much later in the year.

- Erulisse (one L)
It sounds like a lot of fun -- I hope you have a great time.
I'm sure we will, I always love being outdoors, and when i remember my sketchpad, then all is good :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm a definite RenFaire fan, altho between finances and other things, I'm transferring my allegiance to our local Faire as opposed to the AZ RenFaire we used to go down to in the Springtime. Daughter Súl and I are pondering whether to visit my brother and the RenFaire during the Feb/Mar season there or do something else. She's never been to Las Vegas, so we may do that instead. Me? If I had my druthers between LV and AZ, I'd pick AZ - but then, with the new living arrangements for my brother, that's an additional consideration.

I take it you're a vender for this Faire? Or are you a re-enactor? At our local Faire this past July, I had the most delightful chat with a lady doing some truly amazing embroidery and lace-work, and I was amazed at how well she stayed thoroughly in character all the way thru. It was fun to play along.

I'll be thinking of you - and wishing I could share some mead with you. That stuff's DELICIOUS!!
Neither vendor nor cast member be I, I work on Saturdays at the shop, don'cha know :-) I am a long-time season ticket holder and participant on the side, but I receive no pay for Ren except the joy of being outside and interacting with friends and fellow players under the blue sky.

When I get to CA we'll have to go on a hunt for some mead. I'm a mead addict! And I'll be thinking of you while I listen to the harps because there are always lots of people playing harps out at Fest.

I was going to ask how things were going for your brother, but I think I'll Email that one to you instead :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'll be playing LOTRO tonight - have to get my characters up a level or two or all of my friends will just leave me in the dust. Of course that means I can't write tonight - it's a trade-off.
I've never been to a RenFair, but would love to go. I don't even know if there's a local one.

The season's changing here, too. There's a couple of trees whose leaves have started (barely) to turn.
Ren is the end of my summer and beginning of my fall. The State Fair which starts later this week is my official end of summer. It ends on Labor Day, the first Monday of September, and that's when fall starts in the minds of many here. I'm anxious to see what has changed from last year to this. I know several of my friends were having contract issues and may not have returned as cast members. It would be a shame, but life goes on :-)

- Erulisse (one L)