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The Beginning of the End

 Renaissance Faire starts today. That means that we're into the final days of summer and beginning days of fall.

It's hard to resist a beautiful sunrise like this...
 OK, it's going to be a beautiful weekend, 84F and sunny, so no signs of how cold it will be for closing weekend on October 2nd yet, but the beginning of Fest is always the final bell for the summer. Labor Day will be here soon, along with my BFF Sharon for her annual State Fair and Ren Fest vacation. I'm already all happy, happy about seeing her again.

We always have at least one meal at Red Lobster. Seafood....yummy!
 And it's been such a year! I know she reads my blog and that we'll have so much to tell each other. Tonight I'll take out my Ren clothing, figure out what I want to wear tomorrow, make sure that I have everything I need at hand so that I can sleep as long as possible, and look forward to seven Sundays of the music of madrigals and bagpipes, corsets and long skirts (even though I wear long skirts every day anyway), and drinks of mead.

One of the nicer rides for kids is the giant hobbyhorse - human powered, of course.

 I'm poor this year, so my budget will be strict. And the cast of characters has changed, many contracts were not renewed. But I know I'll have a great time being in the outdoors one day a week, sitting under oak trees dropping thier acorns on all of us, and finding where the best food deals are this year. Call me happy today :-) 

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