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 My long list to be accomplished on my Studio Day actually did get knocked down a bit. I managed to get everything except the sewing projects done. Of primary importance was that I get my boxes stripped. That's because I have to do this outside and I need to get this done while the weather still allows for outside work - i.e., before the snow starts falling. I still have many boxes left to strip and refinish, but I now at least have seven boxes stripped and ready for refinishing and then decorating with enameling. One of these boxes will become a gift for Sebas at some point. I know how it will look at the end, and I have all of the materials for it, I just need to find some construction time for it. That will happen. Now I am researching high-gloss enamels. I want a laquer-look for the finish on some of these, so I'm looking into various options to give me that look. It does seem that every project I choose requires me to learn more things. So far, for this project, I had to learn how to strip paint from wood, and now different refinishing techniques and materials. I learned interior construction techniques earlier this year for my box "When Anor Rises", and I will carry those skills through to Sebas' box.
Sebas at the lake
A recent picture of Sebas on an
outing at the lake near his
new home in Michigan. I miss my boyfriend!

This is the six-month anniversary of the blow-out on the BP oil rig; one of the worst environmental disasters of recent times. It is one more example of how badly mankind acts as a steward for this land. I fully admit that I'm an old hippie with the viewpoint that one should walk lightly on this earth. I remember walking to support the very first Earth Day and I try my best to be kind to the earth within the parameters of my crazy life. I know that I could do better, but I certainly could do far worse. I am most certainly no paradigm of environmental virtue but at least I think about it as I live my life. Do you? Try to bring the environment into your creative life today.
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