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Finally Sleep and a Serious Cleaning

 I finally had a good night's sleep last night, probably because I was too tired to do otherwise.  And I also had finally fixed the toilet in our guest bathroom. 

I had noticed about six weeks ago that when the toilet was flushed I got water on the floor.  Most certainly NOT what I wanted to have happen.  After some checking I came up with the comclusion that it was the water supply line, and so when I was at the hardware store, I picked up a replacement line.  Yesterday, while cleaning, I determined to get this fixed. 

Part 2 and 2A above are what are broken and now covered by my margerine container. 

After getting the water level down a bit, I noticed that it actually was an interior valve that leaked, not the water supply pipe.  The interior valve which is attached to the float is not something that will be easy to replace.  It was the very top of it that was leaking, badly, causing water to wick down the tank top and down the tank body to the floor.  Very bad.  I did, however, work a temporary fix.  I wanted to keep the spray totally in the tank, so I enclosed it.  I cut an empty margarine container to fit over the valve and duck taped it in.  Then I tested it.  It works beautifully.  With the tank top back on, it is completely invisible.  This will have to get fixed, but not immediately, so I'm very grateful that my fix - using something that my recycling people don't accept, ended up getting recycled to a good purpose anyway. 

I spent the rest of yesterday on two things - scrubbing walls and floor in the main bathroom and the guest bathroom (still more to do, but some serious inroads - very happy, and finalizing a story for the August ALEC contest.  Thank goodness for friends who are willing to help me out by looking over stories at the last minute.  Thanks to Elfscribe, I ended up with a story that I'm quite pleased with.  So, all in all, my day off was a successful day, even if I did post late - LOL.  
I'm glad you had a good night rest. :)

And reading about your toilet reminds me of my Mary Sue. *lol* In the chapter I'm about to post, she has some toilet-problems. *lol*