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Tuesday Thoughts

 Wednesdays are my day off, and Mondays come after Sunday which is my other day off.  So Tuesdays always seem like a bridge day, a day to almost ignore in the road to Wednesday. 

On Tuesday morning, unless I have something serious pending, I start thinking about what I need to accomplish on Wednesday.  I'm starting to feel sorry for Tuesday, it is just a placeholder on my calendar.  Except...I get Chinese food from Chin's Kitchen on Tuesday nights.  Happy, happy me. 

It is also the 16th of the month which means if I am writing a story for the August ALEC competition, I really have to get going.  I know how I wanted to write it for two weeks, but have been involved in Helyanwe's story instead because she's been more strident.  But she's going to have to meld to the background for a short time, even though I am at a critical junction in her story, because I would like to do a quick write-up for ALEC.  I always have problems with ALEC though, because I don't have a beta of my own and this is one of the rare stories that I can't post on my writer's board because it is a competition piece that gets submitted anonymously.  Of course, anyone familiar with my writing and characters would know it is me, so I also have to jump through some hoops to disguise, or at least not name, my non-canon characters.  It's a dance, and I don't necessarily do it well :-)  But I want to try again :-)  
I love Chin's. I've been eating there once a week since 1979 when I moved up here. I had very little money when I first moved here, so I allowed myself one meal out a week and my mother-by-marriage recommended their local little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, Chin's. I would get dinner from there and have one glass of wine as a treat, once a week. I still have a dinner from there, although what I order has changed over the years and I now get it for both DH and myself.

I've known Mimi and Paul for a long time now. They just sold the restaurant a little over two months ago to Wendy and her brother (don't know his name yet). They are even better cooks and very sweet. Since I'm a long-time regular, they give me an automatic 10% off anything I order.

- Erulisse (one L)
Those few times that I participated ALEC as a reader, in which you were a writer, I recognized you! :) But don't think it's bad for your writing. After all, I noticed that many of us can recognize other authors (not just you), even if stories are posted anonymously. Everyone has her own style that is visible, even if author tries to disguise it. ;)
It's hard, and practically impossible in reality, to disguise a writing style, and I really don't want to. But I do try and not mention specific OC names for ALEC if I can avoid it because it is supposed to be anonymous. I know it's really not, but I try.

This month's story is causing me difficulties and I may have to shift completely to a third person and totally non-named friendship instead just to get the story out. Then I can just incorporate things when I need to without worrying about re-inventing the wheel. It will come clear, hopefully better than 72 hours before deadline like last month's submission was. I had to rely on my DH to beta that and it was "challenging" to work with him.

- Erulisse (one L)