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Another Day, Another Week

 We had a wonderful time at Irish Faire yesterday.

We arrived about 10:30am, walking in and there was Chickie coming towards us, so I didn't even need to phone her and find out where she was. She shared the day with us.  We got our names written in Gaelic, they had to do Chickie's via phonetic spelling, DH was Seamus and my Sandra ends up being Tairngirin.  Who knew?  It's rather pretty sounding :-)  Parking was easy and only $5 (last year they had a shuttle system that also worked really well, but this year they suspended that). The attendance was high, as befit a beautiful summer day. I dressed knowing that I would be in the sun, and since I can't tolerate sunlight, (no, I'm not a vampire, just very sun sensitive) I had on my hat and wore my Kashmiri shawl from Shruti to help cover my arms and hands. It worked out well, I did get a small sunburn at my neckline, but that wasn't a problem. DH got a really weird sunburn down the back of one leg, I hope it comes through in the pic. Apparently he didn't get his sunscreen evenly applied - LOL.

The High Kings were great, as expected.  We had a nice patch of shade under a tree to watch them with.  We didn't get a great view, but we also didn't cook.  The hot weather without clouds was very hard on all of the performers.  We all indulged in shopping (only bought a hat for DH to help him with sun) and food with drink.  I had 1 Guinness, 2 Harps, 1 Black Current Iced Tea, 1 Root Beer Float, 1 Fish & Chips (oh so good!) and two Irish Whiskey Bar-b-qued Port sliders.  Perfect! Expensive, but perfect! We left about 6pm and returned home totally sated and happy.  Now...back to the grindstone - LOL. 
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We really needed a day without stress and finally got one. Today it's back to the grind of trying to figure out how to make life work out. It's so much easier to lose ourselves in music, dancing, and a love of a common culture.

- Erulisse (one L)