engarian (engarian) wrote,

Stumbling Steps on the Road

 I have to thank so many of my friends for coming up with a variety of suggestions for my post from yesterday.

I did download Dropbox and hope that may help me to keep things currect a bit easier, but there were also many excellent suggestions that I think I can incorporate into my own story recordkeeping. A bit of thought over the next few days and I'll have a system in place before I get much farther in my story.


I'm running super late this morning, took time to catch up on some new chapters from some of my favorite authors instead of actually writing and taking care of my Emails. Shame on me. I'll be enjoying Irish Faire tomorrow, listening to bagpipes and The High Kings, looking at men in kilts, and lusting over Celtic harps. Happy weekend.  
Tags: inspiration, irish faire, writing
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