engarian (engarian) wrote,

Tired, Tired, Stressed and Painting

 I usually don't feel this exhausted until later in the week. I am not a young person any more - at least not in body (I can't speak for my mind ), but I am used to my crazy schedule and my general lack of sleep. It is the penalty that I pay to be able to keep in touch with my on-line friends and to read my fanfic stories. But today I am exhausted.

Stressed Out Cat

I suspect a great deal of that is pure stress. We are getting a sufficient number of people through the door of the shop, but they are spending more than 50% less than they usually would. The lack of income this generates is presenting us with uncomfortable choices and decisions and we keep hoping that we can push those decisions off. But we may be running out of time and room to maneuver. My poor DH is super stressed out about all of this. I am, as usual, placing my future in the hands of the Goddess and having faith that she will allow me to land on my feet. She has always come through for me in the past...

Paris France

Apparently Monday night my DH dreamed that we were in Paris for a romantic vacation. I would love to be there - I want to see The Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral and so many other places. But in his dream, I spent the entire vacation painting and we didn't get to go anywhere. Apparently I was very happy though, and what I painted was quite pretty. Still, if I'm in Paris...I'm going to The Louvre. THEN I can paint - LOL.
Tags: dreams, painting, stormcloud trading, stress

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