engarian (engarian) wrote,

Some Accomplishments, Some Not

 Yesterday's goal was cleaning the bathroom. I got 50% (well, probably closer to 40%) of it done, and on my long list of places to go and people to see, I got 60% done. OMG - I have to give myself a failing grade for yesterday's accomplishments.

But, I did get the shower majorly washed even though I still want to tackle it again before Sharon arrives. I got the furnace filters, went to Barnes & Noble (had a 15% off coupon - spent too much but happy with my books), got to the art supply store and ended up with items that I will watercolor for this year's Solstice cards and two new specialized Winsor & Newton Series 7 000 micro brushes (call me happy), got groceries. I decided to leave the chocolate until next week.

In writing (well, I had to do something besides just laundry and waiting for chemicals to do their thing on my shower walls) I finished Section 1, Chapter 5 and started Section 1, Chapter 6. I'm dreadfully afraid of boring people to death, and I have, of course, a lot of editing to do before anyone else sees it, but I also have to remind myself that I am writing this because I feel compelled to tell her story and that it doesn't matter if I don't gather a following because of it. I also got two loads of laundry done and clean sheets on the bed.

Because of general frustration, I finally took a serious hunt and found my copy of Karen Wynn Fonstad's "The Atlas of Middle Earth". I was trying to figure out some travel times and hoped that her maps would be helpful. And they will be - but not in Valinor. So I called on a friend who has never yet let me down. I told Fiondil my issue and my speculated time frame, and he came back to me with the timeframe that he has worked out over the years. We're in accord, so that's a relief, and huge THANK YOU's go out to him and those few other friends who answer Emails promptly and generously share their knowledge. I don't know what I would do without all of you!

And thanks to all of you who commented on yesterday's "Tilting at Windmills" post.  I agree that it is pathetic that a firm could take such advantage of us, but it is partly our fault that DH didn't catch the charge and that I didn't pursue it stronger earlier.  But it should be ended now.  We'll find out for sure when our next bank statement comes.  Thanks again!  
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