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 I'm really hoping that today will be so busy at the shop that I won't have any chance of writing, but yesterday we had a couple of slow hours and I had a chance to work on Chapter 1.2 of Helyanwe's story.

That chapter finally got finished last night. It's too long, I'll have to post it to my writers board in two segments but I want to be ahead of my crit friends anyway. So I will repost my revised Chapter 1.1 to them today, having finally determined that first person POV is the direction I want to go, and then next week sometime I can start posting Chapter 1.2 for crit.

Why am I writing this crazy story? It isn't anything that I can publish outside of the world of fanfic, and it is taking an extraordinary amount of my time and effort. Well, because this character, Helyanwe, has been knocking at my door since I began writing in March and she is insisting that I tell her story. So, after several months of fighting it, I have given in and am writing it. That's all I needed...one more thing to do - LOL. Oh well, anything for my muse. 
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