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 Well, our holiday season is starting out slow. Last Sunday was quite busy, but this Sunday was slow. My sales goals for the day weren't reached, but I did bring some beadwork with me to work on and I got a lot done with that. I usually would never work on personal things at the shop, but Sundays are a day out of schedule and I don't have a problem playing with beads or other images if I want, as long as I'm back to work on Monday getting things accomplished. If you end up with one of these in your holiday gift box - sorry for the spoiler.

Holiday Star Pendant
It is more vibrant in person, but it did
turn out quite pretty. I'll continue working on
more of these.

I was trying to complete a Holiday Star pendant. This project, printed in the latest issue of Bead & Button Magazine, intrigued me. I rarely do other people's projects, but I liked the look of it and was hoping that it might make a nice holiday gift for some of my friends. It is neither as easy or fast as the magazine text promised, but I did succeed and it is quite pretty. It takes about eight hours to make one from start to finish, so I won't be making this for many people. There are a few, however, who probably do deserve something pretty and sparkling for their Solstice gifts.

Now I have to get working on my E-newsletter for the shop. We are going to be running some very substantial sales for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday next week, and I have to have the copy pounded out and proofread by the end of the week. <sigh> I really have to get into the holiday groove, and I'm just not focused.....
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