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Writing Woes

 Yesterday was a slow day at the shop...too slow.  But it allowed me to get a LOT of writing done. 

I'm wrangling with a large opus that I'm working on and trying to decide the Point Of View I should take in it - first person or third person.  It's driving me crazy.  This story has a long way to go, and the thought of writing it twice, once for each POV, disturbs me.  Right now I'm caught up on challenges, I have one for the month of August still to write, and I'll have my weekly prompt coming through on Sunday/Monday, but those usually get together quickly.  Having this story come together firmly with enough personal feel from the main character to justify first person is important to me.  If I can't get enough feeling through the words to justify first person POV, then I should do third.  *sigh*  I am totally torn! 

So I'll pulled in two of my f-list friends from LC (that's my writers board).  I'm asking them to read both versions and let me know which they feel best about.  I have a feeling that I have some major re-writes in my future before I get into the track to to justice to the main character.  It will come, but it's going to be a fight.  
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Yesterday was a slow day at the shop...too slow. But it allowed me to get a LOT of writing done.

I love it when I can write at work! :) *grins*
*fingers crossed for your new writing* :)
I sent part of the next chapter (totally unedited - probably a bad idea) to a friend of mine just to see if the POV is correct and if my character's personality is coming through clearly. In the meanwhile, before I even hear back from her, I am continuing the story, using a first person POV, just for the heck of it - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't know if what I'll say will help, but: go with what feels right. It's possible to add in emotions and whatnot in editing stages, so if you want to write it in first, go ahead.

RAFA's first draft was in third, because the vast majority of fanfics are in third, and I thought no one would read it in first, even though it wanted to be written in that POV. The second draft, among other massive changes, was to switch from third to first. (I write differently than most fanfic writers-- multiple drafts that may or may not be substantially different from the previous ones are written before I'm ready to send a story out to a beta-- so I may be competely useless at advice here.) And it flowed so much better, because that was how the story needed/wanted to be told.
I have tried Helyanwe's story both ways, and she is telling me in no uncertain terms that 1st person is the way I have to go. So, despite my comfort level of the extra buffer that third person allows you to have, I'll be writing Colored Light in first person most of the time. Thank you for your input, it is extremely valuable.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm glad to hear that!

the extra buffer that third person allows you to have

I'm actually more comfortable writing in first. The buffer in third means that I go into distant narration with no thoughts whatsoever at the drop of a hat. But every writer's different. (And that's what makes conversing with other writers fun. I like talking about technique.)
Just a warning: first person gets very frustrating and limiting at times. Being in Eönwë's head for over 100k words is driving me crazy.
A good warning and one that I will take to heart. I don't have major problems bouncing back and forth, but there should be an underlying structure. I wrote the first chapter in both 3rd and 1st person and part of the second chapter in 1st. I asked the opinion of a few writing friends whose opinions I value and we all agree. Helyanwe has a strong voice and it just reads better in first person. So, I'll fight my way through and make it happen -- at least most of the time - LOL.

If I can write her story as beautifully as you have been writing Eonwe's, I will be deliriously happy.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: 1st and 3rd
I actually think that in some instances that is exactly what will happen, but as I told Russa, I think there needs to be an underlying structure so that when I deviate from it I will be well aware of why I am deviating and where I want to go with it. Too much bouncing around csn be confusing for the reader. And even though 1st person can be difficult for some people to read comfortably, I think her story will best be told in that mode. Thanks for your input, Pink. I really appreciate it.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: 1st and 3rd
Oh, sure, yeah. I'm not advocating some kind of chaotic mishmash of POV, but a carefully built frame in 3rd that supports and showcases scenes written in 1st. Or vice versa. There's a correct way to use multiple POVs and it's largely about paying attention to structure.