engarian (engarian) wrote,

Writing Woes

 Yesterday was a slow day at the shop...too slow.  But it allowed me to get a LOT of writing done. 

I'm wrangling with a large opus that I'm working on and trying to decide the Point Of View I should take in it - first person or third person.  It's driving me crazy.  This story has a long way to go, and the thought of writing it twice, once for each POV, disturbs me.  Right now I'm caught up on challenges, I have one for the month of August still to write, and I'll have my weekly prompt coming through on Sunday/Monday, but those usually get together quickly.  Having this story come together firmly with enough personal feel from the main character to justify first person is important to me.  If I can't get enough feeling through the words to justify first person POV, then I should do third.  *sigh*  I am totally torn! 

So I'll pulled in two of my f-list friends from LC (that's my writers board).  I'm asking them to read both versions and let me know which they feel best about.  I have a feeling that I have some major re-writes in my future before I get into the track to to justice to the main character.  It will come, but it's going to be a fight.  
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