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Wednesday - Not Very Productive :-(

 So the insurance adjuster is due at my Father-by-Marriage's garage sometime between 9am and noon today.  My DH is NOT looking forward to spending up to three hours there with nothing to do.  I'm grateful that I have to be at work. 

DH had cut up trees at the small house, trees that had fallen on communication lines.  He bundled the brush and left them behind the garage.  So yesterday, among my errands, I took each bundle into Grape and drove them over to the county compost area which is quite near to the house, but still a trip.  The bundles were heavy and long, I had to flip all of the seats down and some of the bundles were close to 7 feet long.  But, I persevered and it took more than an hour, but I got them all loaded and dropped off.  I also got new flourescent bulbs for my two kitchen fixtures, changed the filter in the furnace/A/C at the shop, grocery shopped and did two loads of laundry.  After DH got home from work, we loaded the lawn mower and were back at the small house to mow the lawn. 

I was too tired to clean, so I'm even more behind schedule now.  But I did work on my H-U story and got the first chapter posted for my writing board to crit out.  I have such difficulty with Point Of View.  Arghhhhh.  So frustrating.  I'll get this nailed, though.  It's getting better all the time :-)  Have a creative day, stay cool! 

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Oh yeah, I know how it is to have to wait on insurance adjusters. ::head desk:: Maybe he has some 'portable' work he can do while he waits?
Fortunately, the adjuster came quickly, offered a nice settlement, and the rest of DH's time was spent arguing with his Dad about what needs to be done. That's the true headdesk part. I'm SO happy that it's not MY dad.

- Erulisse (one L)
So glad they did not have to wait all day for the adjuster and they get a decent settlement. People will argue! (We do enough of that around here!!)