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More Storm Damage

 So my poor DH spent ALL DAY yesterday in 95 degree heat cutting apart trees.  What a job! 

He got the branches off his father's garage.  It turns out that the car was not damaged, but there is a huge hole in the roof that was covered by the branches and leaves.  The insurance adjuster is coming out today to look it over.  I printed out a bunch of the pictures that I took so that we've got documentation of what it looked like.  

As bad as my ceiling leak was, I'm grateful I wasn't my neighbor.  My little block of stores is four stores in a building.  The corner is a coffeeshop, then my store, then a veterinarian and finally a T-shirt imprinting shop.  The building is one of the old ones in St Paul (my friends from Europe will laugh, I'm sure).  It is a bit more than 100 years old.  Unfortunately it needs a lot of work, and the northern wall of the T-shirt shop showed that after the storm on Monday.  Here's what the wall looked like yesterday morning.  As you can see, the brick facade of the building crumbled.  I drew an arrow showing the gap between the remaining bricks and the actual substructure.  There is also separation along the window.  Guess my landlord has some serious work to get done, but the wall will need to dry out before anything can be done effectively. 

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