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More Storm Damage

 So my poor DH spent ALL DAY yesterday in 95 degree heat cutting apart trees.  What a job! 

He got the branches off his father's garage.  It turns out that the car was not damaged, but there is a huge hole in the roof that was covered by the branches and leaves.  The insurance adjuster is coming out today to look it over.  I printed out a bunch of the pictures that I took so that we've got documentation of what it looked like.  

As bad as my ceiling leak was, I'm grateful I wasn't my neighbor.  My little block of stores is four stores in a building.  The corner is a coffeeshop, then my store, then a veterinarian and finally a T-shirt imprinting shop.  The building is one of the old ones in St Paul (my friends from Europe will laugh, I'm sure).  It is a bit more than 100 years old.  Unfortunately it needs a lot of work, and the northern wall of the T-shirt shop showed that after the storm on Monday.  Here's what the wall looked like yesterday morning.  As you can see, the brick facade of the building crumbled.  I drew an arrow showing the gap between the remaining bricks and the actual substructure.  There is also separation along the window.  Guess my landlord has some serious work to get done, but the wall will need to dry out before anything can be done effectively. 

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He really could have used that :-) Thanks for the cold thoughts, Shirebound.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm quite sure that the landlord will have to rip quite a lot of this off because of sub-surface water damage to the weight-bearing wall structure. Such joy! I'm just glad that I'm at the other end of the four stores from this mess. Not that my ceiling wasn't enough of a mess on its own :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Goodness! That almost looks like a post-earthquake pic from out my way.

I feel for your hubby. I'd send the fog cover over us to you if I could... I guess I'll just offer you both virtual Icees.
If I was out your way, I'd say earthquake for sure. But this was rain and wind damage. Pretty spectacular, isn't it?

- Erulisse (one L)
(Hope you enjoyed reading my Midsummer in Angband tale. I was really having fun with it.)
Cutting apart trees in that heat--that is so sad. He is breaking my heart. On the other hand, the people behind us have been taking out a four-story high dead tree with a buzz saw for the last two years and only seem to work on it when it is in the mid-nineties. I'm sure it's an accident of when they get time off work but drives me crazy anyway, because they must be so thoroughly miserable.

The brick pics did remind me of earthquakes. I lived first in the Bay Area for years and years and then in Mexico City, I've seen a lot of that.
Well, as I have often said, my DH is a dwarf. He's my height, so not super short, but he thinks like a dwarf. Put a problem in his way and he'll gnaw at it forever until it is solved. He had six huge bundles of cuts from the tree that fell over lines at our small house and I took 1-1/2 hours today and hauled each bundle to the county compost lot. At least today it is only 85 degrees and not as humid.

- Erulisse (one L)
DH was having cramps from dehydration last night and his muscles are not happy today :-)
What a mess - storm damage is something we associate with winter - summer storm damage seems even worse, somehow.
I expect water problems - they have followed my DH throughout his life. But the brickwork was a shock. I hope that the building is fixable.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh wow! Glad it's not something you have to worry about fixing and I hope your ceiling is okay!

Only 95, eh? ;p I know that's hot if you're out working in it but here it seems COOL. ;)

I have my AC set at 90. And after coming in from outside, it FEELS cool in here! Beats the 113 outside, or at least that's what it was an hour and a half ago. I'm sure it's hotter now. I was working horses last night at 9PM and it was still 104! ACK! I'm SO ready for AUTUMN!!!!!!
Today is down to 85 and I'm happy, happy, happy. And our humidity is down. It is not the temp, as much as the temp added to the humidity that makes the heat index in the 3 digits. Nasty. Today is much better and it should be nicer through the weekend.

- Erulisse (one L)