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Living Through the Storm

 Yesterday was interesting.  Not really in any way we intended. 

It was hot (no surprise, I've been complaining about that for weeks).  A storm came through in mid-morning and it was a doozy (that means it was a heck of a storm, for those of you not from the US).  The sky went black, the wind picked up, the rain poured down in buckets, and then the straight-line winds came.  Although they only hit in a small part of the town, we were affected.  At the shop, we had multiple ceiling leaks, one of which was almost a waterfall.  At my Father-by-Marriage's home, his large tree in his backyard split off two branches, collapsing those over his garage and the power lines.  The garage was impacted so hard that the back portion now is separated from the main building by several inches.  As soon as the power company can get the branches off the wires, my DH will go over with his chain saw and start cutting up the fallen branches.  We think that the tree itself will have to be pulled down, but that may be covered by his homeowner's insurance.  

I had a smaller tree fall on the cable and phone lines at our old house, so DH will have the opportunity to cut that tree up as well.  A trip to the city compost yard will need to be made this Sunday to get rid of the smaller branches that we don't save for firewood. 

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