engarian (engarian) wrote,

Time is Running Out

 It's the end of July.  My BFF Sharon comes to visit on the 1st of September.  Sometime between now and then I have to get my house clean!  This has now become a HIGH PRIORITY ITEM and may push artwork into the background for a while (bummer). 

I have the Tut Exhibit this Sunday, next Sunday is open, the Sunday following that (the 14th) is Irish Faire (listening to The High Kings - YIPPEE) and the Sunday after that is the beginning of Renaissance Faire which will take my Sundays until October 2nd.  Time????  What Time???? 

So, I'll have to devote several of my studio days, and probably some nights when I usually beta or work on my own writing to cleaning.  The bathroom needs to be scrubbed down totally.  I need to replace a leaking feed pipe to the toilet in Sharon's bathroom, and I need to clean the living room and finally finish cleaning up the den (which is a total mess from last year's flood - yes....I know....last year -sigh-).  But, this will have to become high priority because I refuse to let it go for much longer.  So....I pulled out of BFAC, I am not accepting text or illustration for the next Big Bang which would take place in the fall and have a February total due date, I didn't accept Ardor in August writing assignment and I may not accept Slashy Santa unless things really start to get cleaned up here.  So very frustrating to have to give up studio time, but it's the only time I have off by myself where I won't get interrupted. 

Now...off to my shower and then, to breakfast before I begin photography at the shop.  Or, maybe I'll write some more instead....hmmmmm......decisions, decisions :-)
Tags: choices, housecleaning, irish faire, renaissance faire, sharon

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