engarian (engarian) wrote,

DDoS is Driving Me Mad!

 Once again Live Journal is under DDoS attack (that is Distributed Denial of Service).  That means that I have only been able to sporadically access my LJ at all, and haven't been able to post at all.  This is driving me crazy. 

I have a lot of f-friends that I only reach through LJ.  I have a story waiting for posting and other things to read.  I'm so NOT happy.  The last time that this happened was in April and things were down for a week.  It is the nature of LJ, that as an open forum world-wide, they will be seen as a threat in some nations.  That basically is the issue behind the DDoS, which usually originates from the Soviet/Russian block.  Does the knowledge make it easier to bear?  Not really.  It's just frustrating.  But I know it is just as frustrating for the people who actually own/run that forum and I feel for them.  

In the meanwhile, I'm using my DreamWidth account.  I always post to it, once a day I copy my blog over there, but now many of my f-friends are posting there instead of LJ, so we are in contact still, just not nearly as actively.  Be that as it may, it is frustrating and annoying and I hope it gets cleaned up soon.  Think good thoughts for LJ so that it gets back on line quickly.   
Tags: ddos, livejournal

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