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DDoS is Driving Me Mad!

 Once again Live Journal is under DDoS attack (that is Distributed Denial of Service).  That means that I have only been able to sporadically access my LJ at all, and haven't been able to post at all.  This is driving me crazy. 

I have a lot of f-friends that I only reach through LJ.  I have a story waiting for posting and other things to read.  I'm so NOT happy.  The last time that this happened was in April and things were down for a week.  It is the nature of LJ, that as an open forum world-wide, they will be seen as a threat in some nations.  That basically is the issue behind the DDoS, which usually originates from the Soviet/Russian block.  Does the knowledge make it easier to bear?  Not really.  It's just frustrating.  But I know it is just as frustrating for the people who actually own/run that forum and I feel for them.  

In the meanwhile, I'm using my DreamWidth account.  I always post to it, once a day I copy my blog over there, but now many of my f-friends are posting there instead of LJ, so we are in contact still, just not nearly as actively.  Be that as it may, it is frustrating and annoying and I hope it gets cleaned up soon.  Think good thoughts for LJ so that it gets back on line quickly.   
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I love that picture. Love the scenes in the movies where he is torturing the Gryffindors in class; he totally reminds me of a college professor I had. I asked him a question and he responded, "I am not coming down to your level. You will have to come up to mine or drop the class."
LJ seems to be working well at the moment, yay.

*excited waves and hugs*
Waving back at you, Shirebound. And isn't it nice to have our own LJ back again after all this time?

- Erulisse (one L)
I totally understand you. Well, we all do. I feel frustrated too. Hopefully it will work properly soon... *sigh*