engarian (engarian) wrote,

Why I Don't Leave Town...

Catastrophe always seem to happen when I'm out of town. Those "happenings" are part of the reason why my poor DH really hates it when I leave town. This year's conferences were no exception.

Ripples in a pond move outwards from a single
point, intersecting and moving the waters far
away. Sometimes I feel as if I was the stone
starting the ripples. Read why...
1 - Before leaving for Bead & Button Show, my car decided it needed $2000+ of work *head...desk...thunk*.

2 - Before leaving for MCWC I needed a refill on a prescription. That turned out to be impossible to achieve. The doctor's office finally called me with an approval AFTER I was already at my conference. Obviously THAT didn't actually happen until I returned a week later. *head...desk...thunk* again...

3 - And on that note...this prescription used to be part of the $4 generic program at Wal-Mart, Target and other stores. How much does it cost now? $75/tube! WTF??? My three tubes which should have set me back $12 set me back $225! Ouch! (It's a miracle med for me though and already, after only having it for two days, my hands are almost 100% healed with only two applications. Goddess bless whoever invented this stuff.)

4 - When I had called my DH on Saturday while I was attending the final day of the conference, he sounded pretty crabby (not that it's unusual, but...). I later found out that we had 5-1/2 inches of rain in an hour early that morning, and that shrew burrow holes had caused a leak into my craft room and yet another flood. Oy! The water was restricted to his side of the room, so not as bad as we've sometimes had in the past (we've had waterfalls into that room in the past, flooding up four inches or more of water - very nasty), but it was still a pain, requiring wet/dry vac, fan set-up, and the dehumidifier running. And then, of course, he had to get to work since he was covering my shift for me.

5 - The heat! -'Nuff said...

And now, Chickie is off on her vacation. And my luck seems to have followed her to Montana because...

6 - Chickie phoned me yesterday and, while her Mom was visiting her Grandmother in her nursing home, the nursing home cat - apparently known to have "issues" with visitors - bit her mother. Her mom has subsequently developed a raging infection to the bite and is hospitalized, where she will be for at least another day, perhaps two. Since Chickie and her Dad were actually camping in Glacier National Park, unreachable by cell phone, etc., and a cousin had to drive up to the campground to get them. They left everything set up in the hopes of returning in a day or so. I'm not sure I would be quite so trusting...but that's just me.

So...now you see why I am strongly discouraged from leaving town....guess I'll be here for a while - LOL. 
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