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Conference Wrap-up

 So, the final three days of the conference were spent at lectures and demonstrations.  The lovely and amazingly talented Carol Douglas demonstrated her miniature sculptures in copper clay, taking over at the last minute from Gordon Uyehara - still ill with pneumonia.  She was a trooper to step in like that, and her sculptures were absolutely amazing. 

I attended lectures on cold connection techniques, making bezels for stones, applying gold to silver and other metals, photography techniques, and a lovely method for enameling that I can't wait to put into practice.  I was up at 6am and often didn't get to bed until midnight.  The candle was firmly burning at both ends, and it was well worth it. 

Christi is one-of-a-kind with a love for her art
that shines through.  Great fun!
I made a Ghoulie with Christi Friesen and ran into Maureen Carlson and Lisa Pavelka when I "crossed the boundary" and roamed through the Polymer Clay Retreat being offered in conjunction with the Metal Clay World Conference.  I am not a polymer clay artist - at all!  But Christi has been a friend for years.  I sat down to watch her work while my roomie was talking with Lisa Pavelka, and before I knew it she had pushed some clay into my hands and talked me through making a Ghoulie.  She even baked her for me and I picked my little critter up the next day.  I have to get some photos done within the next week and I'll add her to the list - she's actually quite funny and, since some of her clay is luminescent, she glows in the dark. 

This little critter is typical of Christi's work lately - fun,
little critters with a way of magically enthralling you.

Our breakfasts and lunches for the three days of the actual conference were included in our registration fee.  The food was very good, and one of the plusses were the raffle drawings.  Each of us received a raffle ticket when we checked in.  I was hoping to get the kiln that was being given away on the last day, but it went to a very good home.  I did win an assortment of glass clay, though.  What a highly appropriate gift for someone who works in glass!  I still need to read it through and find out how to use it, but then I'll get to play at no extra charge.  Yippee!  And speaking of play - I'd better get my chapter heads together for my Big Bang author or he won't love me any more !
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