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Home Again

 So, I'm home again.  Can I leave and return to a place that has air conditioning...please????  I drove back in 96 degree and 81% humidity, and the prediction for the remainder of this week is daytime temps of 90 and above and nights in the mid-70's, with high humidity for the week as well.  Ick!!! 

The conference was outstanding.  I loved every minute of it.  I'll be paying this off for the rest of the year, and I will still consider it money well spent.  My first day was spent with Robert Dancik working with faux bone.  (He wants a pic of my finished piece, so look for that later in the week.)  Although I own the bone, purchased from him more than three years ago, I had never done anything with it.  Now I have a much better idea of what I can do with it and how to work with it.  It's a variety of polyvinylchloride, but not what your plumbing pipes are made from.  And it is great fun to play with and very fast to work with.  I have three sheets somewhere in my craft room (le sigh) and if I find them, I can play...

Robert is an outstanding teacher - everyone is met with positive comments and encouragement at all times.  Throughout the week, watching him greet many people, there was not a single person he met that did not receive a compliment - sincerely given.  Either the color of their clothes, the jewelry that they were wearing, their hairstyle, whatever - everyone received positive strokes.  Robert leaves positive feelings in his wake and is an excellent teacher with a long/strong background in public school teaching to fall back on.  A wonderful experience.  My roomie, Shruti, finally arrived about 10pm that night, long after our surprise birthday party for Katie Baum which was wonderful food, wonderful friends, and mega-dollars (well worth it, though).  More tomorrow...
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