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Saturday Snowfall

 Late last night we had the beginning of our first snowfall for the season. We are getting a real snow, not just a dusting. I can tell that we did get some snow overnight because of the feel of the world outside my walls. When the snow falls, it is a sound damper - a hush falls over my world. It is like snuggling down into a warm blanket - sound is distanced and I can curl up with my dreams. We were expecting up to two inches of snow overnight with another 4"-6" falling during the day today. <sigh> Winter has decided to move in for a few months, and even if this snowfall melts and we don't get any more for a few weeks, we still won't be out of the snowfall time for another five-six months.

Snowflake Photos
Snowflakes are so beautiful.

On these snowy days, I dream of studio time. There is nothing much nicer than having cold temps, blowing snow, and icky roads, while knowing that I don't have to be outside of the house and can work at the kiln, melting glass for the day. Unfortunately, that is a luxury that I won't have until 2011 since my Wednesdays will be tied up making holiday gifts until the end of the year. I'm also working on holiday gifts at night when I get home from the shop, but my eyes just give out after a while and I simply can't concentrate so I don't get as much accomplished as I want/need to. Therefore, I know I'll be running into some crunch time - I can guarantee it. I just wish things would be a little easier sometimes, but each thing comes in it's season and I couldn't start on holiday gifts until after Chickie's party was complete.
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