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Travel Time

 My suitcases are out of the closet. They haven't been packed yet, but they will be tonight.

I have all of the supplies I need for my classes and my roomate is at least in the US now, although it is possible that her luggage is still in India. Oh well, we'll make it work.

 I know my time will be very full so, although I'll have my laptop with me, I won't be posting on my blog or probably writing anything for the week. It's a week of art for me instead :-)
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Thank you, my friend. I'll have my sketchbook and pencils/pens with me. I have a two-day class in designing your artistic identity, a girl can And I have a one-day class in using a relatively new material which I own but have never used - faux bone - it looks like bone, but handles much easier. It's tough and should make some interesting items. Then three days of demos and lectures, great meals and good friends. I'm really looking forward to this.

- Erulisse (one L)

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Thanks, Esteliel. It's not a long drive, only six hours or so, and I love driving alone so I'll have a great time driving out and back. I do my best thinking that way. And seeing old friends and making new ones is always wonderful. But I never quite fit in because my art is a bit more "out there" and many of these people stick with a single media and do very traditional, beautiful but traditional, artwork. I just can't walk a traditional road - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
Have a safe trip, and enjoy the con. Take advantage of being able to spend time with friends from far and near, participating in artsy activities, maybe learning new things, and just generally getting away from phone, store, etc for a while.

And then have a safe trip home. We'll miss you and appreciate you all the more when you return. :-D
Thanks, my friend! I really need this time away from the shop to recharge my batteries. I hope I'll get some beading and other work done also, but that's up in the air, dependent on schedules that I'm not making L0L. I'll be happy to get back to writing though. As much as I love my artwork, I'm finding that I get a great deal of enjoyment from writing as well, and I want to start on Helyanwe's story.

- Erulisse (one L)

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Thanks, Jay. It will be tremendous and great fun. I'll miss all of you, but...I'll be back all too soon.

Now...everyone don't gossip too much while I'm gone, OK? No more explosions like the sale of LOTRFF please....

- Erulisse (one L)