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 I don't particularly enjoy doing projects that are designed by other people, but I don't have the time or clarity of thinking right now to design my own and a couple of projects had appealed to me. The second of these projects has now reminded me of why I don't enjoy doing other people's designs. Aside from the really poor directions which only work well for the first half of the project, they also are lying like crazy when they say that it "works up quickly". Now, I've been a beader for more than 40 years and am considered to be very good at the craft. I know there are people out there who are better at it than I am because they focus on beadwork as their major craft. I do not focus on beadwork exclusively and my skills, therefore, are not directed towards a single goal. But I was feeling a bit frustrated with the directions in this project when I got into the second half of it, things were anything but clear. Then, discussing this with my co-worker, I heard that one of my customers who is a very accomplished beader had come into the store on my day off and had complained about the very same thing - that it was neither quick nor easy. I suddenly felt better. I do want to do the project, though, so I'll string up beads again tonight and try for a second time. I'm sure it will go together easier...at least until that second part.
E-newsletters are SO much easier to prepare and send.

After working on it for several days, I think I have my E-newsletter for the shop pounded out. I printed two copies out last night to run by my Manager and the Chickie and we'll see if they agree with what I am saying and my time schedule. Everything that I had planned to have happening this weekend has been pushed off to next weekend. <sigh> I'm just not timely on this one, but I also knew that I had a bit of time. However, I have a quick and dirty one that needs to go out the week after this for a special one-day sale and I have to get to work on that quickly. Then I always send one for the Holidays and that's the next one to work on. I really need to send this more regularly, at least one a month, so I'll focus and do writing that has nothing to do with Middle Earth - a bit unusual for me over the past few years. Have a wonderful and creative Friday.
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