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Heading into a Holiday Weekend and MEFA Thanks

 Monday is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the US, and we will celebrate by sleeping in and probably playing Lord of the Rings Online and throwing the carcass of some dead animal on top of burning coals for dinner. 

I plan to enjoy my additional day off, I get them so rarely.  And then I have a week before I leave for my next conference, so I'd better also start packing and making sure I have everything I will need for the trip.  I didn't get everything finished that I wanted to before the conference, I won't have charms made for the charm exchange, and I didn't finish the beading that I wanted to give to my wonderful friend, Shruti, so I'll have to mail it to her later (hoping that it makes it through the India postal system intact).  Maybe if I say a mantra or something :-)  But I am looking forward to the journey, the workshops and the conference.  I'm just not quite focused on it yet.  That will come....or not.  This year I seem to be flying by the seat of my pants a bit more than usual, but I haven't crashed and burned yet - LOL. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those amazing people who nominated stories of mine for this year's Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards.  I wanted to acknowledge each of them below with a banner and a personal thank-you.  I am amazed at being nominated at all, let alone by the quality of writers who did so.  Hannon le! 

Wind Song, nominated by Robinka
Before the waves bury Beleriand, the wind returns for a last visit to the destroyed hidden city of Goldolin. 

 Soul Brothers, nominated by Robinka
At the Awakening, two brothers experience the good and bad about life on Middle Earth.  A drabble for Tolkien Weekly - Fell Creatures-Orcs. 

 Horse and Boy, nominated by Esteliel
A horse adopts his boy in this celebration of spring and exploration of friendships in Aman. Featuring a young Glorfindel and the friends of his youth.

 Survival of the Fittest, nominated by Himring
A true drabble for Tolkien Weekly's prompt "Fell Beasts - Wargs". What actually happens in the den to newborn wargs?


 Lady of Colored Light, nominated by Armariel
n response to a challenge that assigned the phrase "Are you mad?", my OFC Helyanwe attempts to go down in family history and cause laughter to follow her example. An early piece in my Helyanwe-cycle. 

 Morning Song, nominated by Elleth
On its final day, a woman awakens to face her fate in the doomed city of Ost-in-Edhil. A response to the prompt "comb" in Tolkien Weekly Challenge.
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