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Hot, hot, hot....

 It's hot, and sticky.  When I went to sleep last night it was still in the 90's F with more than 70% humidity.  Can you say sauna? 

We don't have air conditioning at home - it does keep my utility bills low for the non-heating months - so we had the fan on...all night.  Currently it is in the upper 70's F, but it will zip right back up to the upper 90's F again untuil late tonight.  I'm usually OK with the heat as long as it isn't an extended period of time.  If this was to go on with these temps for more than four days, then I would be sick.  I'm grateful that we will get rain coming through tonight - it will cool things down.  Of course, we may have other problems accompanying the rain - hail, high winds, and possible tornados.  Life is a roller coaster - LOL. 

I had the time early yesterday to pull this banner
together for my last story nominated.  The center
comb is a hand-carved ivory comb - very old, very rare
and very beautiful. 
Yesterday's main task was getting my works off LOTRFF and onto MPTT.  For those of you who don't live in a world of acronyms and initials, that would be Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction (bad) to Many Paths To Tread (good).  My friend Esteliel is also working on an archieval website for her own work as well as others of us who want to join.  I beta uploaded a couple of stories to her last night and things seemed to work extremely well.  I'll try and do a few every day and before you know it I'll have my things backed up there as well.  I also set up a spreadsheet with each story listed as well as which websites I have them archived on.  That will be very handy and it's a good thing that I did it now when I only had 52 stories to archive than later when I will have more.  What a mess.  I'm happy to have this completed.  Of course all of my MEFA nomination URLs had to also be changed, but Marta was kind enough to do that last night.  So now they are happily pointing to SWG (that would be Silmarillion Writers Guild) for the main URL and MPTT for the secondary.  This was hours and hours of work, and my staff sent me home shortly after noon to get it all done.  I worked almost non-stop on this until almost 10pm.  But it's complete now and I'm happy.  I'm hot....but I'm happy.   
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