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LOTRFF Arghhhhhhh

 So, one of the websites that I use regularly to post my fanfiction has been sold. 

This has created a rising wave of protest among many of my friends who are much better and more prolific authors than I am.  I only have 50 stories on the website, and most of them are short.  I have decided, after reading many points of view, that I will have to go along and pull my stories from the website.  So I will copy my reviews to my private files and begin deleting my stories as quickly as possible.  I have six stories nominated for the MEFA Awards that link to that website, so I will move those links to other places that I also post.  This is all I needed - to add more work to a workload that is already overly full.  But I feel that I must do this. 

I am completely through with my main Big Bang illustration.  I showed it to several friends yesterday because I had it at the shop.  People seem to really like it.  I'll get that photographed within the next week, and as soon as the administrators have responded to my query about how to submit it, I'll get that sent off.  I am still working on pencil work for the chapter heads, but those are a bonus, not a requirement. 

Have a good last day of June.  We'll be under a Heat Advisory today with temps expected to be around 100 F (almost 38 C for my Celsius friends).  I don't have air conditioning at my house, so we'll have the fan on tonight.  It will be one day when I go to work happily because I do have air conditioning there, so I'll be comfortable for the day.  
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I have been fortunate in as much as I have always hated the default black background there, even though I know it was possible to change it - and although I would glance at it occasionally, never got around to posting my fiction there, even though it would have actually fitted quite well.

My general stuff I do post at Many Paths - and it would be nice if more people posted there (it's a bit hobbit-centric at the moment...) - but a lot of the Returnverse would not be acceptable. It's not acceptable at HASA or SoA either.

So I post almost all of my things at good old Open Scrolls - which will happily accept everything to their Tolkien archive as long as it isn't slash - so, of course, Pure Morning has to go somewhere else... which is why I do have an account at HASA...

I am actually very fortunate that the Returnverse is originally a Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover - and so is welcome at Twisting the Hellmouth - which is a big, big archive.

It's all getting rather complicated when I write it down!

My goodness, it does sound extremely complicated. But then again, I set up a spreadsheet for my stories with the name, why I wrote it, and which boards I have it posted at so that I can keep track down the road. Crazy!

- Erulisse (one L)