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LOTRFF Arghhhhhhh

 So, one of the websites that I use regularly to post my fanfiction has been sold. 

This has created a rising wave of protest among many of my friends who are much better and more prolific authors than I am.  I only have 50 stories on the website, and most of them are short.  I have decided, after reading many points of view, that I will have to go along and pull my stories from the website.  So I will copy my reviews to my private files and begin deleting my stories as quickly as possible.  I have six stories nominated for the MEFA Awards that link to that website, so I will move those links to other places that I also post.  This is all I needed - to add more work to a workload that is already overly full.  But I feel that I must do this. 

I am completely through with my main Big Bang illustration.  I showed it to several friends yesterday because I had it at the shop.  People seem to really like it.  I'll get that photographed within the next week, and as soon as the administrators have responded to my query about how to submit it, I'll get that sent off.  I am still working on pencil work for the chapter heads, but those are a bonus, not a requirement. 

Have a good last day of June.  We'll be under a Heat Advisory today with temps expected to be around 100 F (almost 38 C for my Celsius friends).  I don't have air conditioning at my house, so we'll have the fan on tonight.  It will be one day when I go to work happily because I do have air conditioning there, so I'll be comfortable for the day.  
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It is a disgrace the underhand way in which the site was sold off. I've removed all my stories after copying the reviews. IT only took me about an hour. I'll be blowed if anyone thinks they can use my stories to line their pockets with without even consulting me!

Your artwork should be lovely, it makes me wish I'd felt able to take part!

I hope it is cooler for you soon.
Thanks Linda. I got a good start in getting my reviews saved and deleting stories this morning and I should be able to finish this tonight. It's just one more thing to add to an overcrowded schedule though and thus, highly annoying. Friends have suggested MPTT and/or TolkienFF as possible places for me to call a new home and I am looking at those.

- Erulisse (one L)
I like MPTT, which is easier to use. Archive of our Own is good too and run by fans for fans.

Before I deleted my stories I e mailed my most regular reviewers and told me where they could find me if they wanted to keep reading.

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Emailing your regular reviewers is a good idea. I haven't been writing for that long to get regular readers, though.

- Erulisse (one L)
If you've got reviews you want to keep, make certain to copy those - about the only thing I lost when I was booted off of SoA was reviews, and I really wish I'd kept some of those (the fic was all backed up elsewhere).

And if you're looking for another archive at which to post, MPTT's fairly friendly (, although I don't get nearly the number of reads/reviews there that I've gotten in some other locations.
I got more than half dealt with this morning and will continue my migration tonight. I'm thinking about MPTT as well as Tolkien Fan Fiction for my secondary posting locations. I think I'll have Marta point to my LJ story archive for simplicity's sake for MEFA though and I'll delete those six stories last off LOTRFF. It's such a shame, I usually get very good readership at LOTRFF, but I can't condone the attitude of the new owner.

- Erulisse (one L)
What's the URL of the site that's being sold? I'd like to see what's there.
I very much doubt that you are not as good as I am. I am not a good artist, although I am pretty good at crafts. I envy those whose work I see on DA - people who can take a pen and a small amount of paint and make it come alive. I would just kill for those kind of skills.

I should be finished pulling my stuff off LOTRFF by tonight. For the time being, I'll use MPTT for posting as a secondary site, eventually I'll probably use them plus the server that Esteliel is putting together.

Did you already do your trip to Europe? I keep waiting for an update from you, my musical canary :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Have you considered HASA? It's not my favorite site but it's decent. MPTT is also good but doesn't allow adult material either sexual or violence/gore so I can't post all my fic in one place there. HASA at least I can post everything, once I figure out what I'm doing with my old series and how to integrate what I want to save into the new one. GAH!!! NO time for writing let alone organizing!

Sending you huge hugs. I know this is hard. I have invested over four years into moderating on that site, often being the only moderator to actually DO anything. I poured myself into it for a couple of years until I figured out Adora really just didn't care. So this really doesn't surprise me, but it does anger me that she didn't even offer to pass it over to someone in fandom. I couldn't have paid for it, but I MIGHT Have been able to take over the hosting fees by getting word out since I'm actually ACTIVE in fandom. *fumes* Anyway, I'm so sorry this has happened and I feel your pain. There is talk at the aragorn angst group of a new site being created, but I don't know if it would allow slash or adult fic. If not, there's little point as there are enough archives out there that take Gen fic.

Can't wait to see your LOTR Big Bang art! Oh now I am wishing I had been able to keep participating!! Damn muse. Runs off with the cabana boy whenever I need her...

Sending lots and lots of HUGS
It is an unbelievable pain. Right now all of my stories are pretty gen, so I went ahead and posted them to MPTT. And of course they are also all on SWG. But I do need a new home that can accept anything and I'm hoping something will crop up that will be perfect. I spent more than five hours this afternoon getting 52 stories posted to MPTT so at least I have two public places for my stories.


- Erulisse (one L)
Tal Valante at aragornangst yahoo group is in teh beginning stage of starting a new site that would allow everything LOTRFF did. By Fans, For Fans. I've been asked to moderate and help with setting it up. I gladly agreed. :) Will let you know more as I find out. Could be a good place for most of the active members of LOTRFF to shift to once its up
Thank goodness for Samtyr who could still get on the site - she saved my reviews and now my accounts have been deleted.

I wonder if Keith Mander knows anything about copyright law - he will do soon lol

It is a nightmare for all of us. NiRi will (I hope) have me deleted by tomorrow. I'd like to concentrate on writing again instead of moving and re-posting.

- Erulisse (one L)
I wonder how many of us he is losing through this purchase?
I truly feel for you and all the others getting caught having to backup your reviews and find a new home for your stories. The way things are going down over there is so regrettable - and so PREVENTABLE.

Like I told elfscribe5, I heartily recommend creating a personal archive - Yola is a very easy to use freebie site - that you can arrange as you see fit. If you decide to go there, lemme know if I can help you. I've had my stuff there for a while, and I run ALEC from a website I created there. I kinda know some of the kinks and quirks of making things work.
I have a personal secondary archive on LJ and I keep all of my stories on my own hard drive as well. I'll probably look at AOO also, but just put all of my current work on MPTT for the time being since right now all I'm writing is gen. (I suspect that won't last, and then I'll be looking for a more varied home). My issue was getting a good secondary URL for my MEFA stories. That's now taken care of.

- Erulisse (one L)
I have been fortunate in as much as I have always hated the default black background there, even though I know it was possible to change it - and although I would glance at it occasionally, never got around to posting my fiction there, even though it would have actually fitted quite well.

My general stuff I do post at Many Paths - and it would be nice if more people posted there (it's a bit hobbit-centric at the moment...) - but a lot of the Returnverse would not be acceptable. It's not acceptable at HASA or SoA either.

So I post almost all of my things at good old Open Scrolls - which will happily accept everything to their Tolkien archive as long as it isn't slash - so, of course, Pure Morning has to go somewhere else... which is why I do have an account at HASA...

I am actually very fortunate that the Returnverse is originally a Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover - and so is welcome at Twisting the Hellmouth - which is a big, big archive.

It's all getting rather complicated when I write it down!

My goodness, it does sound extremely complicated. But then again, I set up a spreadsheet for my stories with the name, why I wrote it, and which boards I have it posted at so that I can keep track down the road. Crazy!

- Erulisse (one L)