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Studio Day Flip

 So my father-by-marriage has eye surgery tomorrow and my DH and I have flipped days off this week. 

Today is my studio day instead of tomorrow.  These flips cause pure havoc with my schedule and throw me off completely (of course they do the same for my DH, to be fair).  Plus we have dental appointments for our semi-annual checkup and cleaning today and it is the end of the month and quarter - heavy payroll and lots of taxes.  If we can make it through this week, next week will be easier. 

I searched for something calm to look at for today's picture and this is
what I found.  Isn't this just wonderful?  I wish I was there right now!

Today I want to complete my enamel collage for Big Bang.  I mounted the enamel to the backing yesterday morning.  When I look at it, I'm pleased, so that's what is important.  I want to darken the screws by painting them today, as well as finish the collage portion and cut out the fancy lettering using my Silhouette machine.  Then I just need to photograph it and send it in to the mods.  If I can get this completed, I can work on my beadwork for the rest of the week (starting to run tight on time on that project) and make charms for the conference next week on the 6th, my last studio day before leaving for MCWC.  Oy!    I hope you day is a bit less hectic than mine is right now :-)  
Tags: art, big bang, enamel, family, studio day

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