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 I'm not 100% finished with my Big Bang illustration, but darned close. 

DH gave me my Sunday to do what I needed to, so as soon as I arose at 9:00 or so Sunday morning, I got dressed and turned on the kiln.  I got my enamels set up, organized my stencils (I still had to run back to the craft room for a few minor things, but mostly my stuff was in order - LOL) and as soon as the kiln was up to temp, I started work.  It took until mid-afternoon, but the enameling is complete, the painting is complete, and I'll be mounting the enamel onto the base today.  I need to clean the edges, drill the holes in the mounting board, and patina the screws to dull them down a bit (they are just a bit bright).  It's a crazy collage, I just hope my author doesn't feel as if it was done by an eight-year-old because it is in a primative style.  I used an old medieval mosaic as a basis for my figures and their styling.  I promise I'll post pics here eventually, since it is just pics that I need to submit for this project.  I wish my camera was working a bit better, but I'll work with what I have, I certainly can't afford to replace it. 

After the enameling was complete, we went to the mall to exchange the father's day gift that DH had purchased.  The shirts were the wrong size.  So we upgraded them to the next size - fortunately both styles had an XL still available.  Then we walked through the mall to Chipotle for dinner.  I love the food there, but their ordering is confusing.  I think we both managed to get what we wanted though.  I had to keep interrupting to repeat things to DH who couldn't hear the questions that the server was asking him. 

Maybe I would paint more often if my pallete was made from cupcakes?
Then back home and I continued work on the BB illustration by doing the painting and some of the application of the collage items.  That went on until 7pm or so, when I finally cleaned up a bit and went on to LOTRO to start working towards getting my summer horses.  I'll have to continue work on that tonight - I'm WAY behind DH who already has gotten horses for most of his characters.  Have a wonderful beginning to your week!  
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