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Birds and Communications

I wrote earlier about the robins who built a nest on top of the light next to my front door. 

Mama Robin was very good, not even moving when we mowed the front lawn.  But tragedy struck last weekend when a squirrel (probably one of the batch that live in my chimney - another wilklife story *sigh*) decided that a robin's egg would make a wonderful breakfast.  We came out of the house that morning to go to the grocery store and found the nest on the ground with the eggs gone or smashed, and the light askew on the wall.  Mama is gone and we have no babies this year.  Bad squirrel! 

On Wednesday I was driving home to dive into my artwork for the day (I actually accomplished a lot that day - fun, fun, fun) when I came up a small hill to find traffic stopped while two Canada Goose parents and their long-legged offspring crossed the road.  They looked so funny, and the goslings were all leg topped by fluff.  They successfully stopped four lanes of traffic while they crossed. 

And I got to the next stage in my Big Bang artwork.  I did one chapter heading and my DH said he will try and give me all of Sunday for my enamel work.  That would help a lot because I have a lot of persnickety work to do.  I have all of the various stencils cut out and think that three or four separate firings might do it, but I'll know more after the day is up because there is a lot that I may still need to do to polish things off.  I know that I nave a lot of glue work to do, followed by a clearcoat.  Since I cut one extra part, I can test the clearcoat out on that first.  I also did the text for my Silhouette and I'll set that up and get those letters cut out for application on Tuesday (I had to switch studio days from Wednesday to Tuesday next week).  Using that equipment always takes a bit longer than I originally think it will :-)  Have a great weekend!   
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