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Art and Plans

 Yesterday was TOO much fun.  I worked hard all day, but I had such a good time doing it. 

I printed out a lot of pictures for possible use on my BB illustration, enameled the counter and first coat on the centerpiece figures, and played with the air brush.  I have a bit of blue on my fingers that will have to wear off, and I spilled a cup of pink paint on my floor coverings when the cup didn't seat fully in the brush, but I feel happy with my end results for this project and I want to play some more.  Unfortunately, at this point I'm into brush work to finish up the piece so I had to return the airbrush and compressor to my DH.  I am running deadlines here, so I'll try to get a bit more enamel work done on Friday or Saturday night or during the day on Sunday - but I suspect that's actually more like wishful thinking.  I probably will be able to continue my cut work though, so I will get some work done on this before next week's Studio Day.  I just know that the next group of enamel work will be intense and will require lots of shields to get the wardrobe done well before I begin with the brushwork for these.  I was contemplating embedding fine-gague wire for some of the features, but I think I'd better save that for the next one since the combination of the acrylic enamels and the air brush will already give me two new things for this one project and I have no make-up time available for this if I mess it up. 


This is the banner that I made for my story "Making Colored Light". 

Tonight Chickie and I are going to see "Kung Fu Panda 2" - yippee!  We loved Po in KFP1, in fact we laughed so hard that Claire was afraid we would be kicked out of the theatre.  So we're really looking forward to seeing Po and the gang again.  There's just something about Jack Black that I love.  He's such a funny guy and was the perfect voice for Po.  Enjoy the second day of Summer, it is moving quickly now.  
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