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Studio Day

 So today is a studio day and I have a lot to accomplish. 

I need to get the initial coats of enamel on my Big Bang Illustration piece, and also get the background painted.  My DH came through and put one of the airbrushes and compressors on the floor for me to use.  I'll read the instructions during breakfast today and if it doesn't work for me, I can go ahead and brush paint it.  I always try to learn something new with every project I do, this time it is using the airbrush.  I'm really looking forward to playing with it.  But I also can't lose sight of the fact that I need to do the enamel work - VERY important.  I have a total of three studio days to get this item completed and, although I don't think I'll have an issue with the timeframe, I still need to keep focused. 


I made one of my MEFA banners yesterday for my story Horse and Boy.  I had an enjoyable time making the banner and hope that I can get the other two (for Making Colored Light and Survival of the Fittest) made within the next day or so.  I did get two stories pounded out yesterday, a drabble for the prompt "part" and a longer story for ALEC's "Celebration of Life" theme.  I'm happy with the revisions that my friends on Lizard Council suggested for the drabble, and I have the longer story being looked over by a friend.  I'm not happy with that story and may let it sit in my discarded file.  I feel it ambles.  But I feel that about longer works in general, I think I am happiest writing in short bursts so the drabble format has worked very well for me.  Have a creative day while I play with head, molten glass and paint.  
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