engarian (engarian) wrote,

Improvements and Storms

 Things are a bit better with DH today.  He just gets into such a twit when it comes to money. 

He wants to find out if we can survive and what expenses we will have when we retire, I just have faith that we'll be fine.  Somewhere between the two of us is the probable reality of our lives - LOL. 

So I left him a note to please find one of the air brushes for me to use tomorrow.  We have owned two different air brushes for years, but have never used them.  Well, I need that smooth blending of color that I can get with that tool for the current project.  I have three weeks to get this complete and that's not a lot of time.  I'll also be working on the enamel work, so we'll see how far I can get.  I also have several stories in the works....ack!!!  Too much with too little time.  But...on a positive note, three more of my stories were nominated for a Middle Earth Fan Fiction Award.  I'm thrilled and flattered that people like my work. 

Thunderstorms woke me at 2am today, so I turned off my alarm clock and went downstairs to finish sleeping on the couch.  I had a weird dream about three birds - large ones, not little songbirds - taking refuge from the storm in my living room having flown down the flue.  That actually wouldn't be possible, but it was a really weird dream.  And then the power flicked off for a second while taking my shower at 3:30 am.  Spooky.  The computer seems to have escaped unscathed, however, and the storms have mostly left the area now.  Have a cleansing day on this Solstice.  Good Litha.  
Tags: attitude, creativity, dreams, solstice, storms, watercolor paints

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