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Improvements and Storms

 Things are a bit better with DH today.  He just gets into such a twit when it comes to money. 

He wants to find out if we can survive and what expenses we will have when we retire, I just have faith that we'll be fine.  Somewhere between the two of us is the probable reality of our lives - LOL. 

So I left him a note to please find one of the air brushes for me to use tomorrow.  We have owned two different air brushes for years, but have never used them.  Well, I need that smooth blending of color that I can get with that tool for the current project.  I have three weeks to get this complete and that's not a lot of time.  I'll also be working on the enamel work, so we'll see how far I can get.  I also have several stories in the works....ack!!!  Too much with too little time.  But...on a positive note, three more of my stories were nominated for a Middle Earth Fan Fiction Award.  I'm thrilled and flattered that people like my work. 

Thunderstorms woke me at 2am today, so I turned off my alarm clock and went downstairs to finish sleeping on the couch.  I had a weird dream about three birds - large ones, not little songbirds - taking refuge from the storm in my living room having flown down the flue.  That actually wouldn't be possible, but it was a really weird dream.  And then the power flicked off for a second while taking my shower at 3:30 am.  Spooky.  The computer seems to have escaped unscathed, however, and the storms have mostly left the area now.  Have a cleansing day on this Solstice.  Good Litha.  
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I love the bird picture. Congratulations on your MEFA nominations. I hope you enjoy taking part.
That makes five stories of mine that have been nominated. I am totally amazed that anyone would care enough about my writing to do so, and that they all were nominated by different people thrills me. I'm so enjoying this :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry I missed your post yesterday and hope things continue to improve. I live with incredibly moody people myself! Two of them, in fact. Thank god for Baby Fingon! He is more like me. If he gets upset he vocalizes and gets rid of it and puts it all behind him. Gabriel pouts and Laura imagines slights. Please.

It's funny. I read that people usually fight about money--not the money itself in my experience or even the choices, because one can usually find compromises, but it's the variance of attitudes which drives people crazy. If x worries and y doesn't, x gets mad at y for not worrying hard enough. Sounds ridiculous but it is true. Laura gets mad at me all the time for not getting upset enough about one thing or another instead of being relieved that one of us can be calm about it.

Good luck today! My internet connection is driving me crazy. It keeps going in and out and I am trying to meet a deadline and keep in contact with three or four people about it. Using my "lighting a candle" icon--only a little bit tongue-in-cheek, wishing lighting candles worked!

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I know you are working on a deadline (come to think of it, I have a few of those hanging over my head as well - LOL). I'll light a virtual candle to the Goddess for you today, on this Litha. It will all work out :-) In the meanwhile, I am amazed that you even took the time to respond. You are a sweetie!

- Erulisse (one L)
You know you are a very nice person!! (Back to work, fingers crossed. Time-Warner cable is on my sh+t list at the moment. The internet connection is randomly cutting in and out, while the TV signal it strong! A repairman can come out next week and look at it. Thank god, I found a couple of new places where I can access the internet in an emergency, but it is very stressful to have to worry about it and waste time on it, instead of just knowing it is there.)
Oh, like all women, I have my times when I can be a total b___h, but I am thrilled that you think me kind :-) Virtual candle is flickering nicely for your internet connection.

- Erulisse (one L)
They are outstanding, aren't they? The ones in my dream weren't nearly that cute and were quite a bit larger. I'm still trying to figure out what I was being told with that visitation...

- Erulisse (one L)
That is a lovely bird and I'm glad things are easier with your DH. Congrats on your armful of MEFA noms!