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 So what God/ess did I anger when I said "I DO" to my DH?  Sometimes I wonder. 

Apparently he had plans for Sunday.  I was fine with that.  He had picked up two shirts to give his Dad for Father's Day.  He handed them to me at Noon, tellling me that he had "told me to wrap them", although it was the first I had seen of them.  But, I grabbed a box and paper, and got it wrapped.  Then we went to the store for a "Happy Father's Day" card - yes, it was already Father's Day so guess how large the selection was?  And then we dropped by his father's home to give him the gift.  He was taking a nap, so we just left the package.  Then the s__t hit the fan. 

Apparently I said something off the cuff that sent him off.  He had been planning to go to Patio Town and a couple of other places, but no...he was going to go home and watch the baseball game and I could just suffer for the afternoon.  Hmmmm, I don't recall suffering.  I went home, had a bit to eat, played LOTRO for a short time, and then read.  I managed, after reading for a few more happy hours, to finish my latest Kushiel book and start Book 8 of the series.  Later that night I joined him to watch Transformers and the new series "Fallen Skies".  He's still pissed off at me, and I have no idea why. 

Once upon a time I was asked why I chose to marry my DH.  I said it was a matter of choices.  This was a choice that I walked into with eyes wide shut and with days like yesterday, I regret the choice.  But I'm pretty entrenched here and don't see any way out easily.  So I'll ride the rollercoaster and pull even more into myself - probably not the best reaction, but sometimes playing turtle can be helpful.  
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