engarian (engarian) wrote,

Enameling and LOTRO

 So I drilled the attachment portions of my new enameling project yesterday. 

I knew they would look fairly large, but no choice - I needed a fair amount of attachment, enamel is heavier than expected.  I decided to make the attachments part of the clothing of the figures, but they are still a bit large.  I'll try to color the screw heads after I get the enameling completed within the next week or two, and see if I can darken them.  I can always paint small golden accents on them after the fact.  I can hardly wait to get to the enamel portion.  I'm nervous about it, because I'm running a strict deadline and there really is a lot of work that needs to be done on the piece.  But I'm excited about this also because it is coming clear in my head. 

I would love to claim that my own enamels are neater than
these, but I know better.  However, those that I have on my
shelves are more organized...does that count? 

Another author friend has joined LOTRO and will be playing with us.  I am finding it highly amusing that I have this wonderful group of friends who I've met over the past year or two, and a little group that I can play with on Sundays and sometimes during the week.  It makes me quite happy.  

We've been playing LOTRO since the original Beta, so
it's been several years.  Now we have characters on two
different servers.  When the cap level increases, we'll probably
go back to our original server and get our main characters up
to level 75. 
I'm absolutely exhausted today so I'll hope that everyone reading has a creative weekend with friends and family and "Happy Father's Day" to those of you lucky enough to still have their fathers with them.
Tags: art, enamel, lotro

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