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Yipee! It's My Day Off !

 It is rather silly of me to look forward to my day off so intensely, especially when it is not that different - I still get up between 3:00 am and 3:30 am, I still go to the shop around 7:00 am to turn things on and wrap things up from the prior day, and I have chores to do such as trash, recycling and laundry. So why do I look forward to it so much? Simply because I can do what I want for a day without dealing with customers all day. Don't get me wrong - I love helping my customers. It is the reason why I have a store and have had a store for 25 years. But it is a blessing to concentrate on some me-time.

making holiday gifts
Making Holiday Gifts

I have a new Andy Goldsworthy book that I received last week to read while I have breakfast, and I've been looking forward to breakfast at the Twisted Fork for a week. I'll drop by my box store and see if they have any of the specialty boxes that I so love and I'll get some groceries from the store - I need lettuce, water, actually quite a few things. I'll also work on my beadwork because I am trying to see if one project will make a good holiday gift for people on my list. I still need to clean up my den a bit more, and I need to make the paper pattern for my DH's pants. I want to make him at least two pairs for the holidays. He desperately needs them and since I already own the fabric, I won't have to spend any money on this.

Destroying a Computer
Destroying a computer.

It took two more steps in the evening last night to get rid of the last of the higher version of AOL that I was trying yesterday. I still had to actually delete the program, and then I ran a disk cleanup last night to gain back any space that I could. I knew I wouldn't get a lot, I actually run utilities on my computer regularly, but I did get a little bit. Every little bit helps at this point.
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Aww, you definitely deserve some *you* time. Have a lovely day! Big hugs!
That image of the burning computer is so tempting... Next time I get one of those pesky "Word needs to restart, sorry for the inconvenience" message, I might just recreate that image for real.

Hope you have a nice day off!
LOL - The way that you've been adding user pics, you should add this one to your mix too. I can send it to you if you want, just Email me and it'll be on its way. (I've had my times of wanting to do this very thing also, I think everyone who is tied to one of these infernal machines has...).

- Erulisse (one L)
Yes, I need a computer icon, after I got a chocolate icon. If you are not planning on using it, I will have it. Otherwise I am sure I can find another suitably image somewhere on the web! Just go to my profile and send private message, or my e-mail is at LC. Thanks!

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