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End of the Week Thoughts

 So the state of Arizona is experiencing the largest wildfire in the state's history centered around Springerville, AZ.  Springerville is west of Phoenix, close to the New Mexican border, and in 1977, I worked an archaeological dig in that general area. 

I remember the area as truly beautiful, covered with pinyon trees, experiencing blue skies in the mornings and torrential rains in the afternoons (the summers were the rainy season).  Obviously rain hasn't been happening here.  To find out more information about this wildfire, search for Wallow Fire or Arizona wildfire.  My heart goes out to the residents of the area, they were wonderful people who I enjoyed meeting when I lived in the area. 

I have four story promts staring me in the face, and none of them are working for me.  Of course, that doesn't make any difference since it is the challenge of making the words work for the challenge, rather than making a challenge fit my personal storylines, but I have so many other things going on right now, I am a bit reluctant to dive into some of these.  I'll see what I can do this morning, but I also want to progress on my artwork for Darth's story which is coming together in my head and in real life.  If it all comes together, it will be a new focus for my multimedia artwork...rather fun.  My deadline is quickly approaching and I will have at least two days available for some intensive enamel work, so I think I'll be able to pull this off :-)  
I agree, and when a fire is set by nature, you have to live with it. Unfortunately, this one was set by a badly-kept campfire and it is now the largest wildfire in the history of the state, destroying 1000's of lives, both animal and human. It is horrific.

- Erulisse (one L)
That's a terrible fire, and I know the residents of both states must be very frightened. We've had enough fires where I live to know how tense it must be, and how bad the air quality can get.
It is a horrific fire, and knowing the area as I do, it is hitting harder to home than other fires in the past. The fires, which were not so bad when I was younger, are one of the reasons why I haven't moved back to the SW.

- Erulisse (one L)
Spain suffers from loads of summer fires, too, many of them started by arsonists. It's very sad to see nature destroyed, and worse still to think of homes destroyed. I hope they manage to put it out soon, though sometimes it takes weeks.

I look forward to your art for DF's fic. And thanks a lot for rescuing my WIP from a major flop at the LC. You were 100% right. ;o)
No flop at all, the story is strong and I love it. Just a stretch of logic that you have now corrected and that will make it even stronger.

Fires frighten me more than almost anything else. They can move so fast and the destruction is so massive and thorough. Here in Minnesota we don't have a lot of fires, of course it helps that we have more than 10,000 lakes.

- Erulisse (one L)
LOL! Minnesota is the only state where the state bird is the mosquito... :-D

"The land of 10,000 lakes and 30,000 sloughs." Yes. I remember Minnesota well. It's why I live in California. *ducks*

I keep hoping that they get on top of that fire soon, and/or AZ starts getting the rainfall it needs. My brother from there talks about the drought, which is almost (but not quite) non sequitor from a man who lives in what is, essentially, the middle of a desert. Still, those pine forests are gorgeous, and I hate to think of them burning.
Hey! I resemble that remark - LOL.

The thought of losing those beautiful forests and the artifacts and ancient civilizations that haven't been discovered or at least competently excavated yet just saddens me.

- Erulisse (one L)
who wishes we lived closer - we really need to meet one of these days!!