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 So, I had never stayed in the Hilton before, for the past ten years I had stayed at the Hyatt.  On the whole, although the Hilton is very convenient, there is much more that I prefer about the Hyatt, even though the walk is longer to get to classes. 

The room at the Hilton was lovely - spacious and well lit.  The elevators were fast and I found all of the best routes back and forth from my room.  There was a lot that I liked about it, but the $10/day charge for internet access and the lack of a bar that I felt really comfortable in and could meet people at night was a loss (but it did help my dollars since I didn't spend as much on liquor). 

Basically, my ideal hotel would be the lobby/bar/restaurant area of the Hyatt, the convenience of off-site restaurants that I get at the Hyatt (having Thai Palace across the street is a wonderful thing) but I liked the size of the room at the Hilton and the staff was wonderful.  Parking was horribly expensive at both places, so they both get poor marks on that one. 

I rarely take photos of people, but I did take one pic of Jenn and Mark.  I had never met them before, knowing Jenn only as an on-line friend.  But I really enjoyed spending time with her and Mark.  They took me to this awesome burger and custard joint for some amazing food, and then we got together on my last night to hit a neighborhood pub.  They have three cats and a dog, so they are my idea of perfect people - LOL.  I had a great time sharing some time with them. 

And this picture is a pic of Spider, one of the chainmaille artists at the show.  She wore this marvelous tunic and tooled belt with tassels of different styles of chain maille.  I loved it.  The pants were this semi-transparent striped material in a matching shade of marroon.  She told me the manufacturer of the belt, but on a Google search I wasn't able to locate that name.  Bummer.  But a great outfit.  Tomorrow's post - outdoor art and away from Milwaukee.  
The beds were wonderful, although I would rather have had a low polyester pillow instead of the feather one. I like a very low pillow and I don't like to fight with them. But, it was just nice to be able to take all of the room I wanted, and when we had our little heat wave of 102F, it was also wonderful to have air conditioning, something that I don't have at home.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, now that does look like a very nice hotel room. Shame about the bar (I am a veteran of meeting people in bars, and nice relaxing ones make for a very good place to unwind.)
I am a great believer in a good bar and I've met many friends from a bar, including my DH, come to think of it :-) The bartenders at the Hyatt know me by name. I did go over there one night to spend some time with them because I missed them. And of course, they comped me a drink immediately - the sweeties. Who knows about next year. I'd love to go again, and I'll probably try to return to the Hyatt if I do.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sounds like you had a great time except for the bar - which is a shame. I love a great bar in a hotel - have some nice drinks and then just walk up to bed afterwards. :)
Hotel bars can be fantastic. The bar in the Hilton is a sports bar and pub and pulls a lot of non-hotel people into it, so it is less relaxing, louder, and the food is more "snacky" instead of healthy. Thank goodness I brought a bottle of Miruvor along with me.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm beginning to regard free WiFi as almost as important as a good bed and room to spread out!

And a friendly bar to meet others who are at the same event as you are is really useful, too.
It's annoying that the less expensive hotels include free Wi-Fi, but the expensive ones make you pay. I can't be totally without internet, so I ended up paying for five days of internet *sigh*. If I didn't have so many late night events, I'd stay in the Hampden Inn, then I would have free Wi-Fi and breakfast, but I would have to walk home outside in downtown Milwaukee after dark, and in some instances close to midnight. Probably unwise as a single female.

- Erulisse (one L)