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The Chocolate Bar

 Friday and Saturday nights in Milwaukee, there is a Chocolate Bar featured at the Intercontinental Hotel.  My friend Carol, her sister Bobbie, and I got together there on the first night of our arrival to indulge and to catch up.  Usually we have to rush through a breakfast before running to classes, so it was a luxury to have several hours to catch up with each other's lives.  

The Chocolate Bar is like a buffet of various chocolate treats.  It doesn't start until 8pm and we were earlier than that, so we had drinks and chatted until they had everything ready to go. 

Looking at the items that could be dipped into the chocolate fondue including
bananas, pound cake, brownies and rice krispie cakes. 
From the other side, premade examples of gateau, chocolate cups of nuts and
In the center were truffles and molded chocolate cordial cups which
would be filled with the liquore of your choice.  Also cake and
swizzle sticks. 
Carol (L) and Bobbie (R) looking at their chocolate fondue.  They had
bananas, strawberries and cake for their dipping items.  They also
had a chocolate covered bacon (don't diss it unless you've tried it).
Looking at my own choices, a chocolate gateau, one piece of chocolate
covered bacon (really good!) and my chocolate cordial cup of Kaluah. 
A closer look at my gateau. 
So, that was our experience with the Chocolate Bar.  Starting the week out with the 1000's of calories that this represents was very naughty, but I came home having only gained two pounds for the week, and that's not bad for the many meetings over food I ended up scheduling.  Tomorrow...the hotel room and people.  
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OH MY! I would explode with the overload of chocolate! I am so glad you gave yourself some nice treats. You deserve it!
It was amazing and not something I could do very often, but because of my choices, it wasn't overly sweet. Marvelous, though.

- Erulisse (one L)
It was pretty amazing. I had known about it for years, just hadn't made it over there. But the minute Carol phoned and invited me to join them, I was SO there.

- Erulisse (one L)
It was really good quality dark chocolate - the only kind that I really like. It was an experience of delight.

- Erulisse (one L)
About as close to it as I can get in this lifetime. The only thing that would be better would be an elf or two to share it with, but good friends like Carol and Bobbie are a great second choice.

- Erulisse (one L)