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On the Road Again

 I had ideas about one large and one small suitcase, but then my laptop would have had to be carried separately, so I put the small suitcase into the closet and took the second large one.  Now I have the two large suitcases and my tool chest.  much better. 

Only one suitcase is clothing, the other one is craft stuff - beads, my travel easel and drawing supplies, my computer, my wacom.  I have my Nook (of course), my camera, my phone, and plugs for all of them.  I'll still have to be my DH's alarm clock and phone him, at least today for sure, and probably much of the upcoming week, to make sure he gets to work on time.  I'll survive. 

My back was killing me last night, and unfortunately I don't get to see my Chiro until after I return from my trip.  But I'm hoping that I will like the matress at the hotel.  I know that the matress in the Hyatt was one of the most comfortable matresses I'd ever slept on, but I haven't stayed at the Hilton before, so this will be new to me.  I am looking forward to this trip on so many levels, though.  Call me happy.   
Tags: bead & button show, travel

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