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Packing and Questions

 So I was able to get my clothes together, as well as my metalworking supplies, beading supplies, and sketching/painting supplies.  I haven't actually put things into the suitcase(s) yet, I'll start to do that tonight. 

Right now I have a pile of clothes on top of my suitcase and another pile of things around my metalworking locker.  I'm starting to feel excited about my workshops.  At least I have clean clothing to wear now...

Yesterday had its' share of frustrations, though.  Mostly centered around my father-by-marriage.  His electricity was completed yesterday, and he went to church at 3pm, telling my DH and the electrician that he would be back by 6:30 pm so that he could write the check and pay the bill.  My DH dropped by the house on the way home from work, but my FBM wasn't there.  Church is less than 1/2 mile away from the house, and no matter how long-winded the dude may be, he's not going to talk for an afternoon service for three hours.  So, my DH waited for his Dad to get home, and waited until after 7pm.  He still had not shown up when my DH finally gave up and came home.  Things are starting to get bad.  Depending on what my father-by-marriage was doing out so late, it's starting to get to the point where my DH is talking about taking away his car keys (something that I think should have been done a few months ago).  But he did get the next eye surgery scheduled for the end of June, so now I have to set up appointments for his physical so that he can have his operation.  I'm starting to think that workshops for eight-plus hours a day will indeed be a vacation...
A change is a good as a rest. Enjoy those workshops, make loads of pretty rainbowy things, but make sure you take pictures to post for us to admire later!

For gifter of the chocolate cricket? How could I possibly turn you down. I will be busy with light and color for a week of pure heaven - as close to heaven as I can get without being in Feanor's forge. I'll be sure to use this modern technology and take pictures for my LC friends.

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, if you ever find the way to Feanor's forge, make sure you write down the directions. I don't know one end of a forge from another, but I'd be there in no time.

And the cricket? A well deseved treat. I knew it was a physical impossibility to write a nit-free piece and you proved me right, so a big thank you!
If I knew the way to Feanor's forge, I'd meet you at the door. I DO know one end of a forge from another, and I can't think of anyplace I would rather be.

Thanks once again for the lovely cricket. Your writing is as close to error-free as any I see, and I can only aspire to that level of achievement.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yeah, and it's only getting worse as he gets older. The major problem is that his sister, who could/should be helping out here, refuses to admit that there is a problem. I'm trying my best to stay away from the issues here.

I really need this trip!!!

- Erulisse (one L)