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Lists and Appointments

 So, with lists in hand, I will be getting my packing completed for Bead & Button Show today.  Considering I'm leaving on Saturday morning, it's probably about time - LOL. 

I want to bring my tool carryall for my workshops, but since I only got it last year, it hasn't travelled with me yet.  I'm not 100% sure it will fit on my pull-along rack.  For me to use it, it has to fit, so I'll be placing and measuring today to make sure.  I will also do laundry (as usual) and packing most of the items I'll need for the show.  Some more unusual things will be coming along with me including my traveling easel and art supplies since I need to get to work on illustrations for Big Bang.  I'll try to get some writing of my own done also while I'm away.  I'll be posting in my blog for many of the days, but my schedule will be more irregular for the week. 

Obviously these aren't human eyes, but aren't they a glorious
blue in this sweet, kitty face?  I just thought they would be
more fun to look at today :-)

My father-by-marriage returns to the eye doctor today to get his eye checked up.  This is the eye that he had surgery on a few months ago.  He wants to get the next eye scheduled, so now we are working with his doctor and within our vacation schedules to make sure that we can have someone available to drive him to the surgery and back, etc.  Since summer is when all of us take vacations, and since those are all out of town and already set, we have few open times.  I feel as if I am tapdancing in a mine field *sigh*.  Have an awesome day!
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