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Starting to Get Excited

 My clock is ticking away and my time is running out.  I had a wonderfully laid-back two days off, which was great, but I leave for Bead & Button Show on Saturday and I haven't gathered my materials, supplies, or packed anything yet. 

I remember the first show I went to so many years ago, I think I had the suitcase open at least a week before.  Since that time I've become a bit less anal about packing and trips.  I do, however, have to make sure that I have my supplies with me - the metal shears, needle tools, threads and miscellaneous tools that I need will not be generally available, and I don't have the cash to buy replacements.  I own them already and I'm not going to waste time and money trying to come up with them at the last minute.  So, I'll be running around like a nut tomorrow to make sure that everything will be ready for me to leave on time.  I am looking forward to being away for a few days, I really think I need this.  And I'm SUPER looking forward to meeting Zhie, a writing friend of mine who lives there.  Too fun! 

This lovely little nest was built last week.  The parents are busy trying to
take care of the eggs.  I hope they don't get too bothered by the lawn
mower because we'll be cutting the lawn again on Thursday.  The light is
in front of my front door.  The pic isn't great because I didn't want to
get too close.   

The weekend was quiet.  We got the lawn mowed, but other chores that we wanted to do didn't happen because the weather didn't cooperate.  So we spent most of two days playing Lord of the Rings Online and had a great time.  Then we grilled burgers for Sunday night and I made Anduille sausages for Monday night dinner.  Too good!  Of course, I gained three pounds eating all of that, but I'll have that back off within a day or so of normal eating.  I don't regret a single bite!  Now...back to the grind...
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One thing that I do when I need to remember a lot of stuff for a trip is to make a packing list days ahead of time. That way, I get plenty of time to think through exactly what I need to take, in case my first "go" at the list forgets a few things. Then, when the actual packing time comes, I check each item off the list as it lands in the suitcase.

Just a thought. I can feel your excitement growing from here. And love the pic of the nest on the outside light. We get those too sometimes, but not this year, it seems. ALTHOUGH, however, comma, we've had a lot of birds (sparrows, mostly) flying at, landing on and pecking at car windshields while parked near or under trees. Súl and I think they're competing with their reflections, but sometimes I think it's something else.

Sorry I've missed you in LOTRO. I'm starting to think I should give you my cell phone # so you can let me know when you're in-game... And I've got NiRi convinced to give it a try too... :-D
I've been on enough trips to realize that I can always buy something that I've forgotten. The things that are most important are the tools and specific items that I need for my workshops. Those supplies are much harder to replace. I have lists for those items.

I keep looking at my friends list every so often when I'm in-game to see if you've come on. We usually play if the weather is lousy here. We had planned on cutting down some trees, but it was raining so we played instead. My back is feeling it today - LOL. But I did get my hunter up another 1+ level.

It would be awesome if NiRi could join us. She's such a sweetie. And she's got a built-in Huan of her very own with Zar - LOL. If it would be easier, and you wouldn't mind the message or interruption, I'd be happy to phone you when we're playing. I won't be playing while on my trip - my laptop can't handle the video feed, so I don't have the game loaded on it at all. It will give me time to work on my illustrations for Big Bang and my BFAC project.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, hun. I leave bright and early on Saturday morning, deserting my staff and my spouse. It will be heaven for a week - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)