engarian (engarian) wrote,

Memorial Day Thoughts

  Today, the last Monday of May, is a holiday in the US. It celebrates Memorial Day, a day on which we celebrate those of our family, friends, and others who have served in the armed forces, or who are serving now. And it occurs to me, as a citizen of this nation that I do love very much, that we have been fortunate to have only had one major war fought on our own soil. However, that means that the many wars that we have fought have been held on the soil of other nations. So my thoughts are going out on this Memorial Day to those in those other lands who lost their lives, as well as those of our own soldiers who did. I don't have to love the ideology of those who died. But I feel for their mothers, their sisters, their fathers and brothers, those of their family who feel the loss as keenly as we would in this country for any of our own fallen. And so I wish all of you a Memorial Day filled with thanks and remembrance, and I hope that I haven't ruffled too many feathers with my observations above.

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