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Newer Is Not Always Better

 I am a rarity and really like AOL for my Email. It is easy for me to check each of the Emails I use daily in a single screen, they save my Emails forever on their server so I can find deleted mail back 6 months or more, and their interface works really well for me. Of course, I've used it since 1996 - so I'm pretty familiar with it. I decided to upgrade my version of AOL this morning. Big mistake. Not that the software doesn't run fine - I have it on my laptop and I have no problems with it. Rather, it takes too much space for the space remaining on my 160 GB harddrive of my desktop. I only have 17 GB left open - not a lot. I really need to look into upgrading to a new and larger hard drive, but I also know I'll need a new desktop within the next 12-18 months, so I'm a bit divided. I should talk to my computer dude and ask his recommendation. In the meantime, I'll set a disk clean to run overnight tonight and see if I can recapture any space that way, but I know it won't be a lot.
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So, after spending almost two hours downloading one program that refused to operate because of a lack of hard drive space and then finding how to download the old program again, installing that, and getting things re-set, it has been an eventful morning of spinning my tires in mud. In other words, lots of action that was going no-where. Ain't life grand? At least today is the last day of work before my day off. I'm really looking forward to a day for myself.
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I had gone through something similar to this once before, so I at least knew what I had to do and that earlier forms of the program were available. Thank goodness I had other computers to search out the appropriate software. I average one major crash of my computer each year. Maybe this was my problem child for this year? remember that I had Dale busy with my computer earlier in the year [sigh]. LOLOL.

And I will have a great day off tomorrow. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

- Erulisse (one L)