engarian (engarian) wrote,

Unwanted Discoveries and Too Much to Do

 So, the electricity is being re-done at my father-by-marriage's home.  It is rather amazing what can be found when people are climbing around in floor joists and ceiling passages. 

One of the less pleasant things that my DH has found over the past 24 hours are two separate leaking pipes in his Father's home.  So...he'll have to see what he can do to fix the plumbing after this latest adventure is over.  Apparently his Dad and he lost their tempers with each other yesterday and had a nice shouting match in front of the electrician *sigh*.  Given the fact that both of them are very hard of hearing, their pitch tends to be high to begin with.  Add emotions and.....  Well, I'm just grateful I wasn't there to witness this. 

Love these arguing lizards - so cute!

Today I'll get the shop up and running and then take my car to the repair shop.  I won't actually be getting the work done until tomorrow, but I wanted to let them get a look at what they will need to do so that they can order the parts and have everything ready to go tomorrow am.  I have a bunch of errands to do today, so I can't spare the car today, but tomorrow DH can drop me off at work a bit earlier than normal, I have my laptop and my Nook, so all will be fine. 

Happy Birthday, Zhie!

And birthday waves go out to my friend Zhie.  She lives in Milwaukee, and I am looking forward to actually seeing her when I am there for Bead & Button Show in a little more than a week.  Tick tock...I'm running out of time to pack and get my act together - LOL.  
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