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Adventures in Life

 This is the week that my father-by-marriage is getting his electricity re-done.  It is also the week where we are meeting the man who I hope will become our new accountant (on Wednesday) and the week where I get my brakes done on my car because they are dangerous at this point (on Thursday).  Whew!  I think I've got WAY too much going on this week. 

I hope my brakes aren't this worn out!

My DH has been very kind and forebearing, but I think it is time for me to start working on the den again, finishing the clean-up.  It is a disaster and shouldn't be.  The only problem is time - I don't have any to waste on my "day off".  And on Sundays, I prefer to spend my time with DH.  But, I may have to make some changes in my schedule and just get this done because it's bugging me too. 

And I have my BFAC beads sitting in front of me trying to tell me how they want to be attached to the glass that I pulled out of the kiln.  I'm very happy with my glass.  It took what seems like forever to get them formed properly, but it's all good now.  So, I'll have to dive back into my art and do less writing for a while - bummer :-( 
Tags: art, beading for a cure, glass, writing

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