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Success with Glass, Squirrels and Tornados

 So, the more aggressive firing for my glass worked. 

I finally have the look I wanted for the pieces and I can start the beading this week.  This will allow me to work on my BFAC project while I'm at Bead & Button, so I'm happy.  I don't have a roomate this year - I decided to allow myself the luxury of not sharing since this will probably be the final time I attend this show.  I'll miss it in a lot of ways, but I have other things that I would rather spend the time and the money on, and I need to focus on that.  I would like to visit some of my on-line friends next year so I'll save my money for some shorter trips to different places instead. 

I was starving by 3pm yesterday and DH and I went to the local sports bar - Grumpy's - for dinner.  They had $4 build your own Bloody Mary's and $2 beers.  We were happy.  The food was really good too.  When we got home, DH went outside to look at the damage that our patio has been experiencing.  We have a drainage problem and we're losing a lot of soil and coming close to flooding the den with heavy rains.  Some serious work needs to be done.  On the way back into the house, I heard some serious noise coming from the fireplace (DH, with his lousy hearing heard nothing, of course).  The D____ed squirrels have built a nest in there and they now have babies and they are making a lot of noise and I'm very uncomfortable with having the darned four-legged critters living that close to me.  But I don't think I have an option right now because I won't evict young ones. 


And yesterday was an afternoon/evening for tornado warnings.  We didn't get hit as hard as Joplin, Missouri, which was hit very, very hard.  But we did get some touchdowns in northern Minneapolis and had a lot of property damage and one death.  The season is starting a bit early and with some serious clout.  Not good!  
Squirrels are awful; they can do an incredible amount of damage. I would not be so soft-hearted about eviction. Squirrels chewed a big hole in my bathroom ceiling in my old apartment and then one fell in my bathtub. Not while I was in it. It's fairly amazing how quickly they can become really destructive.

They will find another home in a more appropriate place.

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You're right, of course, and if it was up to me, I would phone someone to take care of it. Unfortunately, my DH won't let me because he doesn't want to spend the money. So I'll have to be patient. Eventually I'll get a chimney sweep out, get my chimneys cleaned and get caps on them, then I'll feel better. I don't think I can afford that until late this year, though.

- Erulisse (one L)
I've been reading reports from family on Facebook about tornadoes in Missouri - that part of my family is mostly in Springfield and Branson, so no one was hit terribly hard by this latest storm. Flooding on Table Rock Lake hit them harder.

We whine about the dreariness here in central Maine, but we're at least not getting tornadoes.
I so glad that your family was unharmed. I love tornadoes, and their damage is usually very localized, but they are extremely damaging within the areas that they touch down. My heart goes out to those who were injured, killed, or had property damage in yesterday's storms.

- Erulisse (one L)