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 So, last week I posted about how brain dead I was, making a bracelet that had no resemblance to what I wanted to make. So I ripped the incorect one apart and started again last night. Two hours later the bracelet was complete (except for a clasp) and I'm much happier. I wanted a small example of what can be done with Tila beads for my customers, and that worked very well. I ams also working to discover what will be time-reasonable for holiday gifts. Tonight I want to try a different project and see how successful that will be. I want my casual gifts to take 1-2 hours to make, on average.

Chickie Headstone
 This tombstone was fastened to the back of
Chickie's chair.
To see more of my photos, check my Facebook page

My finger is in really bad condition under the best of times. Poking it with the needle many times last night was not really a good thing. Today it hurts - a lot. It will be OK again by tonight, but it has a long way to go before it is actually healed.

At Chickie's Party
From L-R, me, Chickie and Angie eating our salads with chopsticks.

Chickie Mom took lots of photos. To see
those, check out Chickie's Facebook page

The party on Saturday night was magnificant. I put photos up on my own Facebook page, and Chickie posted a lot of photos on her page as well. Here are a couple of pics, with links to the two different Facebook albums if you want to look at all of them. We all had a fantastic time.
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I am glad you had such a wonderful time, after all your hard work in putting it together. You look marvelous! And so do your friends.
Thank you. You are far too kind. I know I am an overweight, rather short person, but I have a bright fea and I'll just concentrate on that. Everyone in the world photographs better than I do, so I do think that my friends look marvelous.

- Erulisse (one L)